Is playing multiple tables being inconsiderate?

If I suspect someone is playing multiple tables (i.e. they keep running out the clock), I often put a min bet in, because that forces them to fold if they are not back in time, and if they do get back, they have one extra thing to think about - how much has been bet.

Personally, I prefer face-to-face games, which I play about twice a week and win real money every so often. Online poker is just to give me more practise. Since I’m a recreational player rather than trying to win a salary, I just have one table open at a time and often have youtube playing in the background.

I have no idea how you can competently play 10-20 tables, as the idea of a second table makes me think I’d just lose all the time with bad decisions. But that’s me!

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I am 100% sure it is malicious in a couple of extreme cases. I’m sure most of you have come across them. EVERY SINGLE HAND, bet, check, or fold, they wait until the last possible SECOND. There is little doubt that they expend more thought in this facetious exercise than what it takes for anyone to make a decision regarding the play. They will tell you they do it “because I can”. Apparently, they aren’t getting attention at home.

Please report them

If it isn’t slowing down the table, I see no issue with it. But if the game is being affected then they should really sit out. As long as the rules are being followed not alot to complain about really.

Replay insists on allowing players to play more than one game at a time, slowing down every game they are in. Since they wont stop this practice, the least they can do is create an indicator to show who is engaged in multiple paly. That way, I and others can elect not to join a table where multi table players are present


There are many reasons to disallow multitabling! Primarily, it slows the rhythm of all tables concerned. It is also rude to all the players waiting to play. It’s absurd to me we even have to discuss it! It shouldn’t be allowed! Is this just another video game or is it poker?!

The way replay is set up it recreates the feel of a real money site.
On real money sites some clever folk are playing 10+ games at a time and winning.
I think people should continue to play as many games as they wish as long as they can handle it, I know I couldn’t but I don’t have a problem with those who can.