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replay poker is on the up and up

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If the question is if this relays real poker, it is not. When you join at the same table players with billions of chips and others with hundred’s, it is not poker. The one with billion can allways way for the river or play as kids. It should be a level under what a player couldn’t enter.

So many ways to interpret this question.

If you mean is it an honest game? Jury is out on that one since the site doesn’t give you the tools to make an informed evaluation. Site points to some certificate but what does that mean?

If you mean realistic play? No way. This is chip action and there is no risk for betting / playing like a fool. Wait 24 hours and you get your chips back, or some of them.

If you mean the type of players? Definitely. We have them all. The intimidator, luck master, river rat, bingo fanatic, uber tight, loose-goose, ATM.

If you mean card distribution? You’ll see an abundant number of quads here. Average for me seeing in a Bankroll Builder if I go ITM is four. Just my experience.

I am tired of seeing my useless discarded hand turning into the winning hand, f.i. 2 and 7 off, I fold and flop is 2 2 5, and then even a 7 appear, so that was a full house i just folded, the little reminder sentence above your cards tell you, I fold 4 5 off, and flop is A 2 3 giving me a straight.

The algorithm is deeply flawed, also way to many bingo players rewarded for all in with lousy cards, and if you are sitting with A K, then it should be all yours, but the bingoplayer way way to often wins.

I have mentioned the ranking system which needs to be tweaked as well, make 0 sense that I join a MIT tournament with a ranking as no 1000, and I reach the last 10 or 15, and I am in the money, so coming out of the tourney with more than I staked, so why on earth do i drop 2-5 points in ratings ?

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Because while you were playing that tourney dozens of other members were “earning” chips by:
-liking pages on Facebopk
-referring others to Replay
-writing blog posts
-winning raffles and other contests, etc
-or just plain buying them


Honestly, the first question I had was, “Why on earth did you notice?”
But Whittaker is correct.

so in other words,m doing stuff which have absolutely nothing to do with the game of Poker!

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As of a few moments ago, there were 1934 players on line, and 1229 of them were seated. Did you think none of them won or lost a hand in the meantime? NONE of the rank stats are static. They can change with EVERY transaction that occurs, whether at or away from a table. If it changes their total, it can change their rank. When Replay runs a chip sale, it’s not unusual to see a difference in my rank of more than 100 places in the first few days of the promotion. When the promo ends, it will slowly correct as the poorer players lose back their purchases, though that may take a few weeks. All that number does is give you a snapshot picture, not the whole movie. Don’t attach a lot of importance to it. At a table, you’ll be judged by what the others think of your play, not some imaginary artificial number. You’ll earn it–and earn keeping it, just like everyone else.

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Well, after you log onto replay; where are your hands?

The ranking system is based almost entirely on chip count. You could spend a fortune buying play chips with real money and elevate yourself to Number 1. It says nothing about your skill at the games. I currently have (as of 6/16/22) about 6.95 million chips, all of which came from playing + daily “bonus” chips.

I would NEVER pay a penny for play chips, let alone $99/year to be a “VIP” on this site. If the chips had any value, you’d be able to exchange them for “swag.”

By comparison, when I get free “points” for flying on Southwest Airlines, staying at Best Western hotels, or as “cash back” on my business VISA card, I can use those to pay for flights, hotel stays, or whatever the credit card company makes available, like a cruise or gift cards.

And, like other “free” poker sites, they take a 5% “rake” from every hand under the premise that it makes the play “more realistic.” But that’s crap. Playing Hi-Low Omaha, you soon realize that a pair on the board means someone’s hand (active or folded) is holding a full house 90% of the time. So you can spend $$ for chips and they know that you’ll give back up to 5% over time.

I play here for relaxation, and not much else. But those of us who play Omaha more than anything else, or exclusively, also don’t get all the “achievements” either. After winning my third 6-6-6 hand, for example, I still don’t have the “achievement” token because “there are too many cards in play in Omaha.” I don’t buy that explanation, because nearly 100% of my tokens have come from my Omaha play, not Hold’em.

So all this to say, if you’re looking for truly realistic poker play, you’ll have to take your real money and sit at a real poker table. I doubt that I would ever have the capital to play the 150,000+ hands I’ve played for free here. That’s the value of free chips…it gives me some confidence to play real poker once or twice a year if the occasion presents itself. But I only play with an amount I can afford to lose, and if I bust, it’s time to go home, not to the ATM machine or casino cashier.