Is it possible to download my hand history?

See title.

I only see options to “save” hands and view them individually inside replay poker’s client.


As you know you can view all of your hands from your page but download them to what , thumb drive? Print?

in a text hand format. I want to plug it into an analyzer

You got me on that one .

I do not believe it is possible. It would be great if they would make personal hand histories available in some format.

Learnman - several players here have asked for this capability. Not sure if any moves are being made to make it possible or not though. Glad you are another voice in favor of it. Without the ability to analyze hands, this site loses most of its appeal as a place to learn and train beyond the very basics.

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Not a possibility right now, but we’re discussing potentially implementing this feature in the future.


Will be great , I can download and sent to my frends on whatsapp or email , or public somewhere.

@fizzymint thanks for the answer.

I’m on WhatsApp also :+1:t2:For overseas free calls , texts and FaceTime videos . That goes thru wifi instead of cell or smartphone data !