Is it possibel for moderators to give you small cards

Hi i have played the game B & R Bankrolll Builder for some time now - where it is possibel to rebuy the first 30 minutes,but also to go all in… i have had some players bullying me in the play, for doing so, but lately i also have had moderators ( Charles… ) he has the opion that one should never go all in - and for some days ago he was there by my table again, the funny thing was, i did only get small cards, nearly all the game, not bigger that 9 - not any higher, then it was thinking… could it be possibel for him, to screw on my cards ?? i mean, and i know if he does it is not legal… but he knew, if i only got small cards i would not - go all in !! - this have made me think about - is it worth playing here… if a moderator can do so ??
I mean this, because it means so much to play here, but if this is possibel i do not have a chance to learn to be good, and i want to learn to be good, some of the best is my goal, but if it is not possibel here, i would have to choose another playing place.

Moderators in the game are just players like you, moderators can not see your cards, moderators can not choose their cards and not choose your cards, the cards are dealt in the same way for you as for moderators. Moderators can not let players win or lose, moderators have zero influence on the game / dealing, moderators win and lose on the same way as all players.

to be honest it would be a scandal if this happened on any poker site and it’d hurt the industry as a whole. Although i’m sure it would be possible to rig this site (just like any other site), is it really worth the risk?
You mention you play bankroll builders, if we assume (though i don’t agree with it) that charles does rig cards, would he really do it on a stake level where the buy in is 500 - 2000. Surely he would do this on the elite stake levels, to actually make money for the site. (chip inflation etc)

To be honest it is a scandal players think this about moderators, i won all my chips by fair play, to be accused of cheating is very offensive.

And yes, i’m a moderator for many years, i spend many free hours (as volunteer) to help players and the site, i do this because this is a good and a fair site, when i had doubts about that i was never become a moderator.

Hoooot! Fairy888,
No, it is not possible for moderators to manipulate the cards or the games in any way. When a player is a volunteer moderator, the word “moderator” appears to the right of their name in the chat line, like so: owlady: (moderator). Also, their chat is in a green font so that they are easily recognized. If a player is representing him/herself as a moderator, but does not have the identifiers, please let us know. You can report the player, contact any moderator, or send an email to Hope this helps! Good luck & Good poker! owlady

thanks for this reply

My point was that he did it ( if he have had the possibility ) because - he wanted to stop me… and my All in playing and his moral tell`s him - and he have mentioned itin a game, where he said… my father learned me to nEVER go all in

Good to know

Thanks for this reply

I look at it this way moderator or not its poker anyone can be beaten this is the only site where I agree moderators are there for a reason . Not the ones some players may think I have just joined this site so far having a lot of fun if a moderator chooses to set at my table I say game on may the best hand win and good luck .

Btw i don’t think replay is rigged at all, but it’s naive to think that an industry this size (Poker as a whole not this site alone) wouldn’t rig their games for a higher profit margin.

Yeah but usually they run Ponzi schemes (like Full Tilt the most notorious), it’s way easier and way more profitable (not to mention it emulates the banking system -which by the way is legal but that’s an other topic, far more interesting IMO).

Free chips poker sites have no interest in Ponzi schemes since there’s no point with play chips (except creating massive inflation).

There have been cases of “god modes” on some sites though, but it was really stupid and so obvious it didn’t last long enough to be profitable.

Again there’s an endless thread called the fairness debate that explores the rigged/not rigged debate, I personally believes it’s BS and the bad beats are produced by calling stations who just don’t care. And you see a great deal of it since the average hands/hour is above 60 (wwwwaaaaayyyyyyyy above like 100 is not that crazy on RP).

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