Is it be possible to set the "bring" at a table to the max or min?

When I take a seat at a table, I am presented with a window to select the “bring” amount. Is there a way to set this to a different default value such as the max or min?

I think you click on the amount and rewrite the value of your will. Dont forget tick as well.

Basically your initial buy in will be the top up as well

Thank you…The question is to set the amount not change the default amount. I would like to set the amount so that whenever I go to a table, the amount is what I want it to be not the default.

Actually this is something we plan on adding, it’s already on our roadmap, we just haven’t got round to doing it yet. In future, you’ll be able to go to your settings page and set the default amounts, that way you won’t need to update it everytime, if you prefer to always buy-in with the min or max. Hopefully it’s something we’ll be adding shortly, in the next month or two.

Thank You…