Ipod Help

I am seeking some knowledgeable input. I have had many iPods over the years/decades. In all them I have had to replace the battery at one time or another. It seems that time has come again with my most recent device and I am not sure that replacing it is my best option for my primary use of it, in my truck.

I recently bought a “new” vehicle (Silverado 2018). Previously I had used a plug in antennae transmitter attached to my iPod while using it in a vehicle. I learned upon buying the new truck that its electronic system will allow me to plug the iPod into the audio system. That has been great for the most part (despite taking the system to load because of the large database). The problem is I think the battery has died in the iPod and I am not sure I want to replace it. I have over 10,000 songs on it and I’d much prefer to have access to such a library on a single device while traveling.

So what to do? MP3 players are antiquated and I am not sure replacing the battery in it is a “good” choice. What I would like is to be able to find a compatible (with the truck’s system) device and at the same time do away with ITunes, BUT I don’t know enough about my truck’s capabilities, nor know little about the newest ways to move music from the extensive CD collection to a device that meets my needs. I am seeking input/advice. I’d much prefer to move away from Apple as evidence suggests they do all they can to incorporate planned obsolescence and prohibit anyone but Apple working on their devices.

Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated. I am very much behind technology as evidenced by my use of a flip phone and having never texted. So, it may be that replacing the battery is my best option, but I want to make sure before I commit to Apple again.