iPad troubles tables won't let me sit

When I try to play from my iPad I can. See the lobby but when I click on a table I can’t sit???

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Cant play there its ask 12 euro per month for flash player.

Hi Lulubelle,

Unfortunately, we still rely on Adobe Flash for the game client, which is something most mobile devices don’t support any more. There may be a few workarounds out there (…we don’t charge 12 euro per month, don’t worry.), but until we get our new client ready for the prime time (next year!), the best option is to play on a computer that supports Flash. Sorry about that! We’re looking forward to mobile device support too.

I didnt say that RP asking me 12 euro per month, i say ITS which is mean flash player.

Ah, okay. I just wanted to make sure it was clear we’re all about the free poker. =)