iPad compatible

Are there any hardware/software requirements to play I am using An Ipad2?

I think this just planned, Im not sure, but will staff member get back to this question soon. Thing is, its weekend now. :slight_smile:

We even work on weekend! Well I do… occasionally :s

So, right now we’re not iPad (1 or 2) compatible. Basically, the reason being that apple pulled support of flash technology from the iPhone, iPad etc… so sites like ours which use it for playing the game itself, have a bit of a problem. The alternative is to recreate the game table in html5, which will work on iPhone, iPad etc. We either need to do that or create a native application for the apple store, where you download the application. That’s going to be a lot more work though, but it’s something we are definitely planning on doing in the future. In the meantime we might try and do an html5 version of the game, it’s just a question of how many people would actually use it, given it’s still quite a bit of work to do.

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When will the iPad version be ready? Will it be an app or are changing to HTML5? Please let us know because we would really like to play on the go!!!

So the good news, is that we’re currently working on an html5 version of ReplayPoker and we’ll be releasing it packaged up as an app store / android play app so you can easily play it on the go. We hope to have a first version ready in the next 1-2 months.

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Html5 ??? How do I do-get this

Not ready, be ready for it. Will be announced when ready.

Ah yeah, sorry, HTML5 probably doesn’t mean a lot to the average players. It’s a different technology to the one we currently use for the game table. We currently use something called “Flash” but mobiles and tablets often either don’t support it, or support it poorly. HTML5 is an extension to the existing technology that runs this web page you’re ready now, so it has universal support, although the technology is still relatively young so it’s harder to make the switch and deliver as good a poker experience. That’s partly the reason it’s taking so long to launch something that we think is worthy of our players.

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Howdy! Right now you unfortunately can’t play on an iPad due to the fact that our games require Flash and that’s not currently supported by Apple iDevices. However, this will be changing soon, so keep an eye out for updates in the near future. :slight_smile:

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Hi there! Unfortunately the iPad does not currently have support for Flash, which is required to play ReplayPoker. This will be changing soon though as we are working on updating our platform to HTML5, which will be compatible on both iPhone and iPad. Stay tuned for updates to come!

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Hi thanks Replay, seen the other replies, and do think that loads and loads of my fellow players had Ipads for Christmas and would appreciate your sweat and tears to make it ipad compatable. xx Kate

Or tablet compatible.

I’m in with Htlm5 ? 2 more months? Can’t wait! Hope it works!