Info at the top of game screen

Great update. You’re welcome

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Thanks deadmansout, glad you like it! We currently update it every 30 seconds, but when we roll out the html5 client, I’m hoping it’ll be in real time :slight_smile:

I really like the new update. I now have no need to look at the lobby because all the information I want is at the top of the game board. This is a great feature added. Well Done!!!

Thanks luckyd, we also just updated the Stacks this morning so that it shows, not just minimum and maximum, but also the average stack. If you’re finding it’s overlapping a lot with the Lobby button, let us know - it’s the reason we were reluctant to add it straight away.

Awesome Very nice update.

Hehe, we played a staff tournament with it and loved it – glad to hear other folks are enjoying it as well!