Influence of folded cards on flop, turn, and river

I am convinced, after having played thousands of hands with replay poker, that the cards that are folded pre-flop have some influence on the resulting flop, turn, and river. If this is the case, then this would negate the idea of “random play” which the site claims at all times.

I also believe that at times the play is controlled by the computer and not randomly. By this I mean that tournaments, table play and even individual hands are “managed”, I presume, by the computer, and/or by the program itself. I also believe that the play can be managed by individuals although I don’t know how.

After having said this I continue to play with Replay Poker because it may be the best site, despite the above observations.

I agree with all of the above observations. With today’s technology, how hard can it be to shuffle and deal a deck of cards??? I mean, we have pictures of the surface of MARS, for crying out loud…

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with out a doubt I agree with you.With the site being free cant complain to much I have bought chips in past never again.i do not see random.but ill still play till chips are are gone…wish u well playin

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Did you notice that after buying chips you are always sucked? I did never bought them from my ex account and it was running very good for long time… From this i bought for me and friends, and all was sucked up. One friend even not login anymore, he dont want to play and be sucked on river all the time.

hi hd101.i have played on many poker sites and I do not see random anywhere.the number of aces that fall on the board is quite staggering considering that there are only 4 in a deck.if we assume that at least one or more players hold an ace then an ace falling is a one or two times it seems like not worth getting into a hand without an ace as we will more often see one on the board.if I played as I am told to in the poker books then I will lose a lot.the poker books like the phil hellmuth one were written with regard to live poker where the cards are truly poker seems to be ruled by aces and is quite a different it truly random?NAH.