Indication user is playing through mobile client

I just started using the mobile browser client and I really like it. I’ve noticed there is no chat window which brings something up.

When I’m playing through the mobile browser version I see friends seated at the same table. I can’t see their chat or respond to them. I worry they might think I am rudely ignoring them.

It would be nice if there was something like an icon beside my avatar so they could know I’m playing through mobile client and thus unable to communicate with them.

And I’m not proposing to add chat to the mobile version. Excluding it was a good idea as it would slow down the game since typing on a phone is much slower.


Some wouldn’t know there’s no chat on mobile, so they would still think you are being rude.

They could have a “No Chat” icon and use it for both mobile and anyone who has been naughty and had their chat privileges revoked or suspended.


I think this is a good idea, but it should also include people who choose to turn off their chat. I know players who are distracted or tilted by chat and would like to know so I don’t feel slighted when they don’t respond to my posts. It would also save them the PM to me explaining why they weren’t chatting…especially if they had been caught being naughty :slight_smile:


I play on my phone very frequently and have been doing pretty much since I started (nearly a year ago). Playing on my phone has taken up at least 50% of my playing time. The lack of comments is a blessing. Comments are rarely worth reading. But perhaps the biggest advantage of there being no comments is not being able to comment oneself. If someone sends you a comment and you don’t reply, I can’t imagine them being bothered. They might just assume you hadn’t seen it because you were busy playing poker. That said, an icon indicating you are playing on a phone is a great idea.

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