Increasing active player population


I was wondering if the Owner(s) or Staff are consistently trying to recruit more members / players / users / whatever-you-call-them. I LOVE this website, it is hands down my favorite free online poker site. I just wish there were more active members playing. It’s not bad during the day but after 8PM for me (PST time, I live in California), the # of high stakes players drops significantly. I end up waiting in a 200k or 100k lobby for a very long time, and past 10PM (PST) I don’t even bother trying.

I have done what I personally can to spread the word about this website like recruiting 4 friends to join (although they never play), or posting on other Forums. But yeah I would just love if the Owner or a Staff member can answer that question. If this website isn’t being publicized (like if ADS aren’t being paid for in order to publicize), then I hope they can be frank about it. I’m just curious :grin:

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If we compare 5 years ago numbers, its more then 5 , less then 10 time the active players number.
1,Lets see what need for incrase players.
a, bigger, faster server
b, more games, futures
c, better website (need allways evolve to be better)
d, more staff member
e, more moderator ( or more sophisticated system)
(can go on to “z” at least)
RP know all this.
Adds not help, even if you pay for the adds, even if succesfull ( what I doubt) the incrase of the player numbers crash the site .
So you gain opposit.
You have to understand , economy, business, hardwear-softwear before you post a comment like that what you just did.
Its like stand out on the street and start yelling I WANT A FERRARI! NOW!

What RP do right now, work on HTML5 , what hopefully allow players use mobile , easy programing, faster and many more…

Think, then speak please and tell if you come up with anything new under the sun.

your explanations of the problems acquired with increased numbers of players is very well understood - then you get to the last sentence of your reply and you lost my good feeling. The sarcasm was unjustified and un-liked and totally unnecessary. Please try to be more agreeable to a player that is merely stating a well considered concern. Thanks for reading this.


We’re definitely a growing site! And we’re experimenting a lot with bringing more people in. It’s a tricky thing, to make sure you grow alongside your community to preserve what you love about it. =)

For example, we’ve recently entered a beta program to test social poker sites with AdWords, and we can definitely see new players coming in and enjoying the site that way.

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He has a bit of a superiority complex. Funny thing is the ATB at the end of every sarcastic reply :pensive:

All The Best :slight_smile:


But you’ve got a nice sense of humour :wink:


I have my reasons, would be long to write down. If you carefully read the OP-s post(s), you may see part of it. Most site would edit/delete it… ( at least merge to the existing threads)

I agree lady his sarcasm wasn’t very helpful. In all fairness the time zones are one of the reasons a lot of players aren’t on line playing . As for myself personally I work night shift during the day I sleep weekends my time or playing on RP great site . It does cost f poker sites for software etc. they do the their best to bring on more players . Mango personally hang in there RP will do something

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Thank you all for the replies. Even yours, marcipan. I use to think you had something personal against me by the way you replied to my comments, but I now understand this is just your personality and i’m OK with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Peace! But yeah I never claimed to know how everything works, hence why I ask these questions, to learn!

You are correct TrueBlue, I often play at very odd times (I suffer from insomnia), so that might indeed have something to do with it!

And gatzby, that is very interesting to know about the AdWords program. I guess you never know how anybody ends up discovering RP! I know I personally did while being hung over from a college party :grin:

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You may believe it or not, I am getting physical & mental relax with REPLY POKER. THANKS a lot for the TEAM & STAFF

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I agree. Replay Poker is relaxing and 99% of the players are great. However, I wish that I could play Replay Poker on an IPAD instead of wagging my laptop everywhere. My second wish is that I could see the images of the players. I have 3 computers and cannot see the images on either of them. My history is clean so that is not the problem. No one has been able to help me with this. The helpful staff have tried to no avail.

It under work. :relaxed:

I just wish RP would work on their programming…it’s fustrating to see
the winner before the game is even over with. I have never seen 4 of a kind
anywhere as often as here…complete bs. Computer poker lacks realism in it’s
ability to mimic real life.


that and its so predictable. more times than not I can guess what the turn or river card will be,and I stink at guessing games lol

Most of the time, 9 seated room, all call pre-flop, at river usually still 4-5 pp… Unless this change, its no way make it realistic. No programmers able to change this.

Real cash games, compared to ‘no cash fun games’, will always be played in a completely different mind set. I think we are all grown up enough to understand that. But new players who are protecting their small stacks, as if it was ‘their baby’, are less inclined to raise or go all in if they feel embarrassed by having a low chip stack. IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER!!! This is a fun site, but I see often people obsessed with their stack size. (Mr.Freud am sure would explain this better than me!!). I have been playing this site since Nov. 2014, and have never witnessed any bias at all. Never treat this site as a conspiracy gaming event. Never look for something that I genuinely feel is not there. Buzz 1912.