Increase Late Registration

I’m always prompt for everything in life. If I’m late for a game well then I don’t play in it . Simple facts. Why are you a huge advocate for late registration ?


Because not everyone can come to a free poker website 24/7 and with late registration there would be increased flexibility for people who are busier. Even with your logic, I could register for something on time, but if there was increased late registration time, I could finish a few more things and have a more comfortable and enjoyable tournament instead of rushing in time. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’m rushing to register for a tournament in time due to real life things and then coming in a minute after registration closes. I respect your ability to always register on time, but not everyone is this way.

When I feel like pokering, I log onto Replay. If there is a good tourney I can join right then and there, I play it.

I have waited up to 3 minutes for a tournament to start, but I am mostly unwilling to wait that long. I don’t organize my life around free poker starting times.

If I can’t find a tournament, I log off and either go somewhere else to play or go find something else to do. I log onto poker sites to play poker, not to sit around and wait.


Then you have to adjust, adapt and like all the other players wait in line for the next tournament. It seems like you don’t want to wait and jump in after the regulation time limit has exceeded. Some of us wait for hours. Wouldn’t it be nice for you if stores closed but they reopened 15 minutes later for you because you were stuck in traffic. It doesn’t work that way but I’m tired of trying to let you see my point and the reality of it all. Happy New Year and perhaps you’ll get a 30 minute late window so you can fix a sandwich and get a drink to enjoy while you play on everyone else’s time.

Be healthy, safe and happy.

Don’t stores do that for everyone, or do they just do it for me?

Anyway, I’m not trying to change the way other people do things. Do as you will, I’m just explaining how I look at it.

By the way, real tournaments have late reg periods, for what that’s worth.


My response wasn’t for you it was for the professor above you .

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Who’s the professor? Hahaha, I’m just trying to convey my point of view and trying to understand yours. I understand you like to be prompt to tournaments and I totally respect that, I just don’t understand why you hate people being late. I like other players joining late because they join at a disadvantage which is +EV for me and it increases the prizepool, which also helps me. Thats just my opinion. I think we will have to agree to disagree on this opinion, but I respect you adding your thoughts on the forum.

The early bird may get the worm, but the early worm gets eaten.

I get people like late reg . I get people don’t like late reg. why do people who don’t like it have to suffer with late reg? just make 2 lobbies. problem solved.

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You’re funny :joy: that’s for acknowledging my contribution :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Just for the record, I don’t hate people for the stupid things they do or think or act . It takes all kinds. Have a lovely day and thanks for your contribution to this discussion …

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Outstanding :+1:t2:

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this has always been a controversial subject. would like to hear someone from replay about possible of 2 MTT lobbies. if new players can have their own freerolls, why cant we have a lobby of no late registrations?

I also am a firm believer that show up on time get to play whatever it is. if you can’t then tough cookies.

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Makes perfect sense :+1:t2:

Or they could just have tournaments vary in the amount of minutes of late registration

I don’t want late registration at all

Yes, so I’m saying some tournaments have extended periods and some don’t

I want 0 mins of late registration

Ok, so then some tourneys have late registration, and some don’t like you want

simple solution is just to make another MTT lobby with the same tournaments with no late regstration. people who want it already got their lobby

There are only so many tournament players to go around. As it is, some tournies get cancelled because they don’t meet the minimum number of players to start.

Those who like to start on time may start on time. Those who like to register late may register late. Where, exactly, is the problem?

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