Increase Late Registration

I know this is controversial, but I’m going to come out here and say it and I am happy to discuss if people disagree, but it is of my humble opinion that late registration should be increased, especially for tournaments with higher buy-ins. In the free rolls and low stakes tournaments, I understand that people do not necessarily want larger fields and that makes sense to some degree, but in higher stakes tournaments where field size is an issue, late registration should be increased, especially considering that many players in these tournaments use late registration. The benefit of late registration simply outweighs the cost. Players can still register in the beginning, and players can choose to register later even though their edge will be decreased due to the blinds being higher. With increased registration period, higher stakes tournaments will get larger field sizes and more flexibility on time both two things they desperately need as these tournaments are few and far between and have small fields.

A simple solution would be to change 10 minute late registration to these tournaments to 20 or 30 minutes



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What are your concerns?

late registration is a joke to begin with.

  1. same tours are ran same times everyday.
  2. registrations opens up 3 hours before tourney starts.
    I get so tired registration for a tourney with not many in it and next thing I know it balloons up to over 100+
    I just wish replay make two MTT lobby’s
    1 for players want to deal with late registration. can increase late registration then
    another MTT lobby for players that don’t want late registration.

I just never liked the idea of late registration


Increasing late registration is a bad idea also it’s unfair to the person who is playing since the beginning, it dramatically changes the game the person joining late has benefits as starting with a fresh stack and at this point in time the game has already settled and real poker is being played, the loose cannon and players who do all in are mostly eliminated and sometimes if they are lucky they take some good players out too, late registration players don’t have to deal with all these, they come with a fresh stack to a cleaned table and since some of them have already been eliminated it gives them position benefits aswell


Late registration is a bad idea period. Players have plenty of time to make the game on time !


I think a lot of you guys are talking about issues in freerolls and low stakes tournaments and I umderstand your concerns whole heartedly. But in tournaments such as 100k+ these are rarely an issue (except for wildpokerdudes comment that people use late registration a lot which is true and is actually a good thing in my opinion). Most all in maniacs and bad players do not play these games thus they can be avoided, as for “they are skipping a part of the tournament!” Well yeah and that actually gives you a skill edge. Professionals want the most time possible to exploit their opponents and buying in on time helps that, players who register late have a disadvantage as there is less time until their starting stack becomes just a few big blinds. The fact is, that having a starting stack later in the tournament is not better than having one in the beginning assuming you are far from the money (most tournaments take approximately 90 minutes to make the money here). Late registration is good for people who registered on time, because they are entering at a disadvantage, and it allows more flexibility for people. For example, I may not know if I am able to play a tournament before it starts. Many people have busy lives and dont have this certainty. If you come online maybe around 10:40-11:00 on replay poker, you will have to wait an hour to find a new tournament 100k plus. While I do understand most of your arguments, I appreciate you speaking your point, I don’t think they work entirely in these higher games.


In my opinion (take it for what it’s worth) Coming in later helps you avoid Bingo players to some extent. Hopefully that would compensate for the bigger binds. I would like pre-registered players to have an extended late arrival time over late registrars. Good topic.

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Well since you put it this way it makes sence, inn high stakes the scenario is different i agree.


It gives many options to a patient player. Sometimes I watch a table build with Top Players-friends-etc. and join up or not… Tis nice to have a lil control at some point in the Game.


maybe players have time for a quick MTT for argument sake has 10 players, but because of late registration field balloons up to 80 now they don’t have the time to play with field that size. ok yeah can say there are sit n go lobby, but problem with those is takes a while for amount of players to register to get it started.

I shouldn’t be excluded from MTT games because I don’t want to deal with late registration.

it shouldn’t be hard to make another lobby. just use the same tournaments already got. 1 be late registration and the other no late registration.

I just rather not deal with late registration

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I’m a NO for late registration…FULL STOP


I understand your point, and I am totally on board with you that there should be different late registration periods. Perhaps some can have short periods like you want and some can have longer periods like I want and that way everyone can be happy, but for now it looks like all tournaments will have short registration periods (unless you count 15-20 minutes as long). As for field size blowing up that is bound to happen… I mean if you like small fields there are many to choose from here on Replay along with SnGs. I consider large field tournaments to have 150+, something that only happens with freerolls which I find disappointing.

I even feel 5 mins is to long. you already have 3 hours to register for any tourney. I don’t want late registration at all. I’ve even suggested opening up registration 24 hours. why just 3 hours prior to a tourney when can be open all day.

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I agree that registration should open earlier. Why do tournamnets just get announced? Why not just open registration?

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I support late registration. I only use it occasionally but as a worker with a busy life it sometimes enables me to catch a tournament that I am interested in but wasn’t sure whether I would be available to compete. In my view it has little or no bearing on your prospects in the high stakes tournaments where you are generally looking at fields of between 10 and 40. If it wasn’t for late registration, some of those fields would be no more than 10 players. You don’t want to be celebrating final tables when they occur after only three or four players are eliminated.


Do away with late registration. If you ain’t ready, we ain’t waiting…


Late reg gives more players more chances to play MTTs. This is good for the players and for the site.

Those registering late will usually start with less than the average stack. This wil always be true if at least one player has busted out.

Those starting on time start with the average number of chips.

Clearly, we should never do away with late reg, but those starting late should get extra chips to put them at the average chip count.


The 20K Regional MTT leagues have a 20 minute late registration that one is to allow someone to play both league tourneys on a night they are doing well in the first. The sky hasn’t fallen yet. You get eliminated if you don’t act during the first 3 levels so there is a backstop but 8 minute levels gives you 24 minutes to not give you an unfair advantage over any other player.

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no waiting necessary for you with late registration. That’s why I am confused with your argument, why do you hate people registering late?