Include a button for hand replays to skip to the end of the hand

Players might like a button that allows them to skip to the end of a replay. Personally, sometimes I will click the “replay previous” button because I didn’t happen to see the winning hand another player had and I want to go back and check. I just feel it would be nice to be able to skip to the end of a replay instead of having to wait for the entire hand to play out.

Thanks guys!


Hi mirage52,

Great idea. This is something I would like to see as well. It certainly would save us a lot of time in support! I’ll give this a bump on our idea list and see if we can get it on the roadmap.

Cheers, Lesley

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yes please

I like this idea.

Similarly, a way to fast forward or rewind to certain points, either through clicking on a standard timebar at the bottom (as with youtube videos), or through pressing the < or > buttons to go through each players actions.


Yes it is shame. This really shouldve been added already. It is indeed called “Replay poker” so it should have a good replay system.

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