In The Money Achievement?

I think the “In the Money” achievement may be broken, or I just don’t understand it. I’ve finished in a paying position three times (ik it’s not that many, leave me alone), including a second place finish, but not gotten it. Is there something I’m missing?

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If I’ve read the description correctly, you only need to finish 'in the money" in a MTT once for that achievement. However, Sit & Go tournaments are not MTTs. Make sure you were in an MTT when you qualified. If so, message Support via the “?” symbol in the upper right of your home screen. They’ll sort it out for you. Good luck.

They were MTTs. I’ll try support. Thanks.

Hey Checkmqte, and anyone else with this question. The “In the Money” achievement is notoriously finicky. If you finished in a paying position in an MTT and didn’t receive the achievement, please write in to and we’ll be happy to award the achievement manually.