In rebuy tournaments, why do I sometimes not get offerred the additional chiips at the break

Can someone explain???

because, the dealer don’t like you. I happened to me too!!

Did you try to push on add chips on top of the table?

For what i know you can rebuy (when you have less than x chips) first and after that you can buy the add-ons.

My screen does not show “add chips”…maybe it is the ad blocker I
run…weird that sometimes I am offerred chips

You have to click on the chips tray (add chips) on top of the table.
When you have between the 1 chip and the 1500 chips (for Bankroll Builder B&R) you click on the chips tray for rebuying chips. Also when you have between the 1 and 1500 chips when the break start you can click on it for the rebuy first and than buy the add-on.

Thks, I finally found the button