In multi-way pots in knockout tourneys, who knocked out who?

I don’t have the exact game number, but something like this happened:

Me: 2k chips
A: 3k chips
B: 3.1k chips

We all did all in, and I won the main pot of 6k.
B won the side pot.

I’m guessing since the side pot is calculated later, it counted as B ‘knocking out’ A.
Is that how it works? I felt like I should have gotten the bounty.


I think this is the hand.
easybet had 110 chips more than you. He still had those 110 chips left after he called your all-in so you couldn’t knock him out when you won the main pot. On the turn he bet those last 110 chips which was called and beaten by davidj7222. Those last remaining 110 chips were lost to davidj7222 so it was davidj7222 who knocked him out.
You simply didn’t have enough chips to finish him off… nice pot tho!!


nice situation, even i didn’t knew about this rule.

whoeverit seems right about this because if you were the ony one against him you couldn’t have knocked him out, it was his chips that made it possible.

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Nice explanation “whoeverit” … well done :wink:


yiazmat. Cabbie_1103.
Thanks guys for your positive comments and as always I’m happy to help when I can.


Yes. Player with the most chips is the knocker :slight_smile:

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