Improving the statistics

it might be pointed out before, but anyway i think it’s a good thing to point it out.

as many people probably have figured out, the statistics part of replay barely any useful stuff is in there, even while statistics are MEANT to find useful statistics.

so i want to ask to add things like personal stats like VPIP, PFR, 3bet%, 4bet% fold to bet, raise, 3bet, 4bet, etc. and things like average profit, av profit 9h SB, BB, UTG, UTG+1, MP, MP+1, HJ, CO, BTN. and av profit 6h SB, BB, UTG, MP, CO, BTN. and things like MTT’s played/cashed/won. SnG’s played/cashed/won.
and probably much more i haven’t even thought about.

as you can see there is a LOT that can be added to get much better statistics. which is good to check and improve your own play.

i hope this is something you agree is very important to add.


I like it !!!

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You’re preaching to the choir. Been saying we need more information in order to verify the validity of the RNG here. Having nothing but global stats does nothing to help. I’m not asking for every stat under creation, just the basic ones:

Number of hands played that game / ring session
Number of big blinds — number played
Number of small blinds — number played
Number of showdowns — numbers won

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good point, if there is any reason why they would decline to add more it’s because it would be too much work to add it on the site, so if that’s the case just starting with the most important stats is a good way to begin with. only like to add to this that personal VPIP and PFR are also the most basic and important stats.

edit: @fizzymint do you have any idea if/when this will be added to replay?

know that it’s a huge improvement for the serious players that are looking to improve their game.

know also that if time is the issue, you could also just start with the most important things only. that way time isn’t a problem anymore. but there will still be a big improvement. afterwards you could also put more in when you have more time.


IF: We absolutely want to improve our statistics, and we aren’t sure what that’s going to look like exactly yet, but they definitely need to be more robust.

WHEN: After our other major projects (which I also can’t give a “when” about). It’s tough predicting release dates with a small team, but I promise it’s on the radar. :slight_smile:


I’d recommend, at a minimum, showing the statistics you’re already collecting. For example, there are achievements/leaderboards for number of MTTs won, MTT money finishes, biggest ring game pot won, best hand, all-in wins, and players defeated at showdown, so that data is being captured somewhere. Why not make it visible?

Some additional metrics that are probably being captured, but not necessarily reported, could include peak bankroll, MTTs entered, SnGs entered, SnG cashes, and SnGs won.


hi fizzy,
great to hear it’s something you like to add.

i do have also 2 additional questions:
1: about those major projects, i know you mentioned in other threads that one of those projecs is to upgrade from flash to HTML5, but what are those other projects?

2: i also read into another thread that you didn’t exactly knew when the major stuff is done, only that it would be done somewhere in 2018. but since it’s 2018 now, do you have more specific information on when these things will be ready?

thanks for the information.

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that’s indeed a smart one. :+1:

fizzy, are those kind of things easy enough that they can be done soon, or is this also impossible? if so, why?


The other major projects we’re currently prioritizing, other than HTML 5, are some front-end updates (which should help with lag/resource/notification issues with our lobby and dashboard) and a new poker server, which will allow us to add more formats and make other improvements to the game logic itself.

As mentioned, I can’t give a “when” on any of this, or what will be included with statistics since that’s not the current focus, but we do discuss player suggestions and feedback on a regular basis, and it does play a part on our roadmap. Thanks for all the great ideas in this thread about what we should include – we love hearing what you think would be helpful in improving your skills.


I’d love to see a webcast or webinar on the site with a top name poker pro . I did I town hall style webcast on another forum I ran with the retired Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps using Skype.

That would be outstanding here. :+1:t2:

thanks for the information,

i shall be patient then :slight_smile:

gl on all the projects.

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Honestly, I would love more statistics, but in the meantime how about we get a chip graph that counts our tournaments as well. I feel like thats a really easy thing to add/change.

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I’m for ALL(+) these ideas to improve stat info. Has anyone considered creating a private mini diary/log of sorts ? I’m thinking of something along the lines of a self critical,personal accounting of hand play mistakes and foibles in one’s game that some of us (read: me) keep making.Memories are short but an objective self written documentation of ones weaknesses could go a long way in recognizing patterns and correcting certain flaws in one’s game. If something like this already exists,please point me there.

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There should be a button that says “I’m on tilt. Don’t count this in my stats” :slight_smile:

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There is one, at least for after you tilt - its labeled “GET CHIPS” :wink:


hahaha great :joy:

please elaborate

I find that looking at my total chip count is really the only statistic I need…YMMV

The lack of response means 2 things; “oops, busted” and “we’re not gonna fix it”

Didn’t we used to have a stat page that told total hands played, percentages folded , etc? It has been a while back, before the “badges” and stuff showed up. Or is it still available and I’m too dumb to find it?