Improvement since Saturday

I have noticed significant improvement in your sites response time since Saturday, Whatever changed is good.

We didn’t make any intentional changes over the weekend, but the performance of the site has improved significantly in the past 12 months, we now have the capacity to support 1000s of players concurrently. Our next goal, as you probably guessed, to attract 1000s of players! :slight_smile:

Paul, you will get them, this is the best site on the web, no stress, and the biggest part of the player are very nice,i have tried to find how many player you have now,but can not find it, i am sure i have passed over the info many times,

Thanks for the kind words! In terms of players we have… well, we have about a 1000 daily active players on average, and about 4000 monthly players, and since we launched the website, we’ve had well over 100,000 players register.

Perhaps more naked women players might help increase the numbers. I know the number of naked men players I’ve heard about doesn’t seem to be helping!

yes, I would like to play strip poker :wink:

If I remember correctly you are one of those players!