Impolite ? or just Common courtesy?

Regularly when I sit on certain Ring tables, the players constantly ( every hand ) use players names ( abriviated or not ) instead of saying NH, GH, ect ect ect…

Since this gives NO information on what they mean by saying a person’s name, AND its every frick’n hand… do you find this acceptable or not , and why … ???

I personally do NOT think saying GH, NH, ect ect … every hand, is a good thing… as it diminishes the value of saying those things, in the 1st place… secondly, by just using names, and not saying anything else, its actually impolite, and can give off the impression to a newcomer… All these ppl play together so regularly, that they might just be Vultures prey’n on the 1-2 ppl that sit on “thier” table…

A few minutes ago, just by saying that on a table, I am pretty sure 2 of the 5 people thus muted me… maybe it was only 1 of them… and I felt like I was attacked… I soon thereafter, just got up and left that table, not wanting to cause a comotion…

If I am on the wrong side here, I would like to know why, and thus possibly change my opinion of this type of situation… I did not mean to be rude to “thier” table, and wanted to continue playing but @ that point I felt my only option was to leave… and this actually happens alot ( whether or not I say a damn thing ) I feel its Impolite, and I usually don’t stay too long…

What do you think ?

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  • Common Courtesy

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Hi Sassy,
When I first started playing here, I thought the repetition of a player’s name after they won a hand was odd - I’d never seen it before and had no idea why it was happening. Like you said, It seems to happen at tables where players know each other and play together frequently. I could be off base here, but I’m fairly certain that it’s just a way if acknowledging a friend or acquaintance after they’ve made a nice play or won a pot, I don’t think it’s meant as any type of attack against players they’ve never seen before. I’ve gotten to know quite a few folks that repeat this behavior over and over and every one of them has been very kind and welcoming to me. I even had one type me a personal message after I’d played with him “and his crew” and started trying to acknowledge them in the same way - not because I’d taken to using this behavior myself, but because he enjoyed playing the game with me and wanted to do so again.

Obviously I do not know your situation and can just comment on my personal experience, but I never would have thought that this behavior is unacceptable for any reason. It’s completely possible that you actually were muted and the table you played at had the intentions just as you described them, and if that is the case, I’m very sorry.

I know this doesn’t actually answer the “why”, like I said, I hadn’t seen this behavior until I got to this site, but would only guess from my experience that it’s a form of recognition from friend to friend :slight_smile:

Take care!


When I first sit at a table I will say hello to the players that I know using their first name if I know it or their username if they are on my friends list or during an MTT when you get bounced around but I don’t use their name for every hand they win just like I do with any other player.

A good hand that truly is a good hand in my opinion deserves some recognition. If I thought it in my mind after the hand then I just say what I was thinking.

Just like if a say NH or GH I’m not looking for that person to reply back.

I don’t think there really is a way to define impolite or courtesy with the mix here of people on a Poker Site.

So I really don’t know how to vote on your pole.

If I felt uncomfortable on a table I would leave also Sarah. After all , I’m here to have fun. When it doesn’t become fun and I have to worry about what other people think is impolite or common courtesy and takes away from my poker game then I’m gone.

Just my opinion


Well, since you left out the “don’t care” option; I could not vote.

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@flyfry, @Craig_Anthony,

I guess when ppl say it every hand, it makes it useless… Also it makes me think if they are that chummy, then they must be wait’n on non-friends to sit down, so they can be Vultures, and even if they don’t know each other and do it, unless I know them I think the same thing…

I didn’t just go off and complain, but just making a comment got me a rude response and a mute… so if they are such nice ppl, why do that ( mute me & talk down to me )…

Duhh I know sometimes there’s only 1 table @ those stakes, so ppl play alot against same ppl… but really If all I say is “craig” , then what really am I saying ??? GH, WP, GBf … you have no clue, do you… @least if they said GH every hand you know what they mean, even tho that makes the compliment worthless … every winning hand isn’t a GH…

I wasn’t making a federal case here, just trying to get other ppls opinion, so maybe I chg my opinion. What made me feel uncomfortable the most was someone jump’n down my throat for even having an opinion… but if the table is too “chummy” then I almost think collusion.

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lol …exactly

I’m just not easily offended. So whether it is done some, none, or to infinity I’m not impacted by it. I’m constantly befuddled by some players that complain about the amount of chatting when all they have to do is turn it off.



Trust your :spider: Spidey senses Sarah - you feel you need to leave… then do so!!!

I too play at tables where nh, etc is overdone & devalued… and also at tables where a shorthand name version is used… Makes no nevermind to me as long as its FUN and stays polite…

As for me. I try to avoid all cliqueshness and ambiguity. When a player joins the table, I try to remember to say "Welcome’, both as courtesy and to avoid scaring them with purple text later on!!!

So, bring your chips - you are welcome whenever I am playing!


Sarah - I have been trying to get David Attenborough to do an episode on the native ring players here for Natural Curiosities Series 4. Still waiting on a response :slight_smile:


Hahahaha :rofl:

I think writing a documentary on what hacks people off at a free poker site, ring game or other would be a daunting task. Maybe David Attenborough can write the preface? I would suggest Carl Sagan since there will be literally billions and billions of reasons, but hey who am I? I might also suggest Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo so that it would be comprehended by the bulk of the bell curve, or at least 62% of the “players” on the site, lol.

Having said that, since there is no monetary value associated with play on the site, and no prize structure other than the defunct and well debated “ranking system” and the “awards” I am under the impression that those that play here regularly do so for the comradery and the after hand gestures like Nice Hand (nh) Good Hand (gh) Nice (n) or the players initials (xx) or other is just a part of that comradery.

@Sassy_Sarah I can’t recall playing with you too many times so to be clear my intention is NOT to offend you if we play together when I congratulate you on winning a pot by typing SS in the chat as I am just trying to be nice, I think it’s programmed in me at this point, lol.

As far as someone being rude, yep. It happens. I think you did the right thing if you did not want to stay at that table. And if they cross the line don’t hesitate to report the player to the moderators. They do a good job, especially @MickiFin -)

And finally, this is just opinion and of course, I am probably wrong about this as I am often wrong about most things :slight_smile: like calling that oversized river bet with a marginal hand lol.


I want to thank you for both the compliment futuresplaya, And for the chip-up from that call on my oversized river bet! LOL

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I have been here awhile, I have play’d other sites, but put yourself in the posistion of a new player to Replay ( Yes we need every single one of them to stick around )… if you saw the “names” behaviour and misinterpreted it you might just go away or shy away from those tables even if they are the only table stakes wise to play on. I have seen this on other sites, but not widely used… and yes… 1/2 the time, they were colluding… that simple wink&nod between players is very unsettleing.

I did not single out any 1 player specifically by name nor do I want to make a federal case. I can handle ppl yelling @ me, normally I won’t report anyone unless its wayyyyyy beyond the line, or the person was ask’d to stop and wouldn’t…

Ohh well I guess I’ll just drop this subject and go back to what I normally do… when I see that, I push back… not the best option, but we all have free will.


so if i’m just playin the cards i was dealt and without betting it turns out to be a winner you’ll understand if i don’t respond. it doesn’t mean that i’m not appreciative i just don’t think i earned it. if i bluff you into to betting and take the hand or get a royal flush then compliment away

I think collusion on a free site to be unlikely…

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Hi Don, when did you lose your position as a Moderator here ?

I just noticed that it is not under your name anymore.

Unlikely, ask the staff then… did ppl stop voting ?

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Hi Craig,

Almost as soon as I got the title. Which was kind of a surprise to begin with because I wasn’ getting all my emails correctly. I started playing one day and my name was a different color. Well, the first weekend I realized it had totally changed my whole “just for fun” attitude. Capped off by a bickering player who claimed it was all rigged, to favor certain players, who directed all of her frustration towards me during the rest of that game. Didn’t help that I was doing well! I have since reintroduced myself to that player and we have had quite pleasant chat sessions during games. But, I asked the powers in charge to remove me from the list of Reps just to try to get back to my “normal” old self. I appreciated your support btw.

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The different colored names and text make for interesting observations on human nature.
It makes some people stir things up…
It makes some people suck up.
But for many, it make them clam up. Its the “cop driving behind me on a highway” syndrome.
Right or wrong, most low and medium stakes tables change when the colors appear.

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That’s quite a story Don. I guess it all worked out in the end my friend. I lost my title also for speaking my mind in the forum.

Strange what that little title can do to some when they have it or others see it.


Good to see you posting :+1:t2:

Sorry to hijack the thread a bit, carry on :grin: