I'm missing 1.5 million chips - 3 days now im waiting, can i have a awnser plz

I’m missing 1.5 million chips - 3 days now im waiting, can i have a awnser plz

The answer is: Catherine Zeta Jones is one attractive women.

For questions about missing chips or other personal account info you can contact support@replaypoker.com


I think I read about this…

Á @leplomb I send this to Andrew now, but please not to discuss it here.

ok thanks im still waiting, and yes jeta jones nice cougar :slight_smile:

This should be an easy fix with the new site just review his activity for the day prior to the time he entered the tourney , please help this poor frog

Thanks to all trying to help Kermit!!


Glad I could help.

thanks xstream this site more faster to ban or mute, to resolving is own mistake:). and i want a awnser its very easy look july 16th i started the day with 34 millions, played the 25k tourney finished 4th , after i came back in evening at 11 pm and missed exactly 1.5 millions. come REPLAY its so easy for u to see what happened.

I just checked our records, those chips were removed because of chip dumping.

u serious? chips dumping? wtf is that i lost 50 millions in 1 nite n u think its chips dumping, so crazy man.

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