I'm Doing a Twitch Stream While I Play at Replay Poker!

I daily do these streams now, just started. I Curse a lot, please don’t mind those lol but I talk about the reasons behind every decision I make and I like talking trash and having fun too :slight_smile: If you guys wanna come by I’d appreciate it.

https://twitch.tv/ ertuceren (just take out the space)

P.s: me and my gf do some streams there in Turkish as well, but they are not often, I do poker streams alone and in English.

The excessively passive game play should make for some thrilling content.

“He limps. Another limp. Another limp … Big Blind checks his option”
“Ok we’re 9 ways to the flop.”
“The action checks around”


That drives me crazy sometimes but I always manage to find or switch to tables where some people who gives action, some of them nuts paddling it but it’s not hard to play against them, as long as they don’t make up the majority of the table. Also, I am creating action, always improving game and I do not play at 9 handed-tables, it takes very long, too many passive players and that.
Finally, I’m a comedian, so I know how to entertain people :slight_smile:

I’ll be streaming today, in couple of hours. I got tilted and had a stream of extreme bad luck, gotta get some of my chips back :slight_smile:

Just sent you a friend request. I will join whatever table you’re streaming from and try to help out with the action.


Thank you! I accepted the request.

Hillarious. Don’t think people are going to play smart just because you tell them limping is unprofitable. Most players here think they know.

I have a daydream about getting people here who plays solid poker, (plays like they play for real money and know about position, concept of nuts, the types of boards and their meanings, have some range, doesn’t limp with j4 off suit UTG, doesn’t only raise premium hands, folds KJ type hands after 3 bet pre-flop, (unless has a read on the opponents) etc.)
And we open a private table or fill up an empty table, play there, have fun (yeah, in my opinion, playing poker professionally is way more fun than limping and checking every hand) and, improve and develop our poker skills by playing against real opponents.

Good luck with your new venture.

Streaming creates content. Do you also post this content to YouTube so it can continue to attract new viewers… forever?

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I haven’t done that yet, but Twitch keeps the streams for 15 days (and I have the recordings), I’m thinking about editing them first, cut the boring or steady parts, or just share the good parts, I’m not sure what should I do yet. I can take suggestions.
Ofc, I can share the whole video, but I’m not sure if people would be interested in them, watch that long of a content. I guess I should just go with it, I’m waiting for my internet service provider to change, get some high-speed internet which will happen in few days, then the quality, range of content and amount will improve.

I never found the stream. Saw a lot of other poker streams. Some with good looking tables :+1:t2:I’m partial to the black felt tables I saw with a white rail. I’ll look for the stream again tomorrow as the OP noted.

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I’m live in 5 minutes!

You could post the stream as a whole stream, and still do highlights with a fresh voiceover, probably after doing some work with a solver or whatever.

I see streaming as something like putting on a play for one night. It can only be seen by those actually at the show. Seems like a lot of effort to me.

Recording it and putting it somewhere is more like making a movie because it would be available for as long as you left it online.

Personally, I would go to an affiliate hub like Commission Junction and see if I could find a few sponsors. I haven’t been in this space in some time, but you could probably find a few sites that pay $25+ if someone signs up through your affiliate links, which would be in the description.


I did exactly what you said taking out the space and pasting it in the search bar and nothing. Perhaps you can try what SPG said.

I’m live right now!


Can you post a link of it here for those of us that we’re sleeping? I assume you upload them to YouTube for the archives correct?

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Try to find a way to broadcast on a delay. I made a point of not watching the stream while we were playing together but others might not do that.


I’m gonna do that. I’m just still waiting for my isp to change, uploading them will take some time with the internet connection I have right now. They will be on youtube soon! I’m guessing on Monday. Also, the quality of the stream will be higher and I’m gonna start to do hand reviews and some poker content watching and talking about it.
One more question, at time of the day will be more suitable for you to watch? I might change when I do the streams, I’m gonna do one earlier today, I hope :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna solve that today. I had some personal business and completely forgot that part.

As far as time, I would definitely do some research. I would start by identifying the biggest poker streamers in terms of audience. Next I would try to figure out their streaming schedules. I would NOT stream while they are streaming if i could help it.

The bigger streamers have already figured out the best times, so I would try to go for about the same time, but on a different day.

You need to know your target audience. Probably half of your viewers or more are Americans, and when we include Canadians, it’s probably closer to 65 or 70%. I would also guess that more of these are east coast than west, so i would stream at whatever I thought was “prime time” for that market.

If this was my project, I wouldn’t guess at this stuff, I would do the research and pull some actual data. Decisions like this need to be data driven, not guesswork.


Doesn’t matter to me as I can watch them on utube at anytime when you’re ready. Live would be 6pm to 12pm EDT.