Ilovecat on dating!

As the number 2 poker player on replay poker I can confidently tell you, when I play poker I can read your cards. I won’t lie and say I can do it everytime. But I can confidently tell you I can always put you on a range of hands, and as we goes through the betting from the flop to the river, I will narrow your range down to a few possible combinations, and based on my logical deduction I will decided what to do!

The great Doyle Brunson said," poker players make excellent psychologist," and I agree with him. However, despite me being able to manipulate my opponent using psychology on the poker table, there is nothing more complicated then the female brain.

Truth is as man we can never know women, all we can do is understand them, and it is that understanding that eventually leads to friendship, love and sex.

Good luck to everyone on the poker table and on girls! HEHE

Understand women?

Hahaha, good one!

:eyeroll: women aren’t a game that you figure out how to play, and if you do your reward is sex. They’re people. To know them, all you need to do is learn how to listen, and have some empathy.

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that is so true, I understand women like sex just as much as we, man. and yes women love a good listener, someone who can empathize with their feelings! women in general are much better than man in social relationships and maintaining friendships,
women are actually emotionally much more stable than man and emotionally stronger than man. I know the above statement might be shocking to most man, but from poker this is what I have observed. I can tilt a man easily by beating him in a few big pot or using my foul mouth, then he start playing his F game and eventually lose all his chips to me. But I have never been able to do this to a female, when a female start playing bad or not feeling well, she will simply leave. Let me tell you on a poker table, leaving when you are down huge amount of chips takes great emotional control, in all honesty that’s something even I can’t do, despite me being very good at not tilting!

thank you, I know I am a genius and much smarter than you, no need to repeat it over and over! MUHAHAHA

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