If you buy chips it should show in your profile

Its a simple courtesy for players who manage funds with credible pot odds strategies and can then assess the likelihood of facing off against a buy-no try dummy.

Good Morning Ninnyhammer. I think that would be counterproductive and divide the awesome online community we have created here. Some people choose to support the site monetarily and wish to remain anonymous. I think showing if you buy chips in your profile would drive players away from purchasing.

Just my humble opinion.



I want to players buy a lot of chips to support site and make it better


I think people here would prefer if they had the choice if other players can see their personal info.By that i mean,how many chips they have, who their friends with,whether they buy chips ect. Other sites i play let a person choose if all can see,friends only or NO one. Why do some people think they have a right to see my business??? As for buying chips,i say bravo to those who buy to support the site and think it is very rude of you ninny to call supporters dummies,if not for those that purchase chips you wouldn’t be here posting !


WELL SAID !!! :+1:


Great post, also love the name!

To add - I would never want to discourage the purchase of chips for another reason. Many people who consistently buy chips must also be consistently losing them. Those are exactly the kinds of players I want at my ring table. :slight_smile:

Be well!

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Me too !!!

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Same here about the buying of chips,my point was My information or anyones elses should be up to me to decide who can and canot see what is in my bank and who my friends are…that’s all


can or cannot see lol …it should be the players choice not Replays choice,we already give up to much of our privacy in the real world and now here.Other sites let you keep your business private…just my opinion


We agree with you. This isn’t something we’ll have listed on anyone’s profile. In fact, we used to have a related achievement, and a player rightfully told us it wasn’t a good idea, so we removed it. Great to hear all your thoughts on this!


100% agree on all points. A players information is proprietary and only the player should be allowed to disclose, if he/she wishes to.

There seems to be an issue with making the information private because of the current ranking system though. Every word I’ve heard from the site is that this is a valid point and could be considered in the future but only when a new ranking system is implemented. Until then, I suppose we have to accept that it is what it is.

Oops - seems I was typing as Fizzy was giving the official line. Sorry Fizzy.


Yes, this is exactly the only way other people can “see” purchased chips, but for the most part, they’re not going to know whether you’ve purchased or won them. Either way, we’re discussing the opt-in/out suggestion that’s been made here, and of course plan to overhaul ranking in general a bit further out.


Thanks as always. You know where I stand on this one and I think there are a decent amount of similar thinking people on the site. Regardless of bought or won or whatever, the opt-in/out feature would be a huge benefit, IMO. Now I could be wrong, but I’m willing to bet this would help chip sales a lot and also help start to populate some of the higher stakes games that don’t get much action now. That’s in addition to allowing a player to mask potentially exploitable information about themselves and just play at whatever stakes they feel like.

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It doesn’t bother me about someone seeing my rank but it DOES bother me that everyone can see how many chips or how FEW someone has. That should be a players choice if they want that public as well as who or how many friends they have.


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As it now stands, you can buy your rank, as opposed to earning it at the tables.
Not a big deal as long as everyone understands that the 150th ranked player might be my cat.


Hahaha, I’m sure your cat actually could beat some folks here :wink:

It would take a decent amount of money to buy up that high though… more than $1500 to get to just 60MM chips


Think you misunderstand what i mean rail,i have no interest in seeing other players assest lol.
I believe we players should have the choice if someone can see our friends list or how many chips we have in our accounts…none of their business imo. I wouldn’t like it if someone i didn’t know or want could look at who my friends are or how much i have in the bank in my real life .

i was assuming i am Mr.N lol and i’m a bit quite a bit over being a millennial,oh sweet bird of youth lol

3 issues here : 1) privacy 2) explotation 3) rights

  1. privacy : we play on a free site therefore any actions on this site are the property of replay. I am not talking about all the xtra companies/pages I get redirected to. Amazon, Google, and doubleclick have no buisness with my info, but Replay might and prolly is selling our info to help cover the bottom line. Bankroll, hand history, replays of hands, statistics, ect ect should be as others have said… opt in/out

  2. explotation: exposing bankroll is highly explotative and shouldn’t be listed. plain & simple.

  3. rights: in a perfect world we would have rights, but Replay is free. Replay also has rights, and the only question is who’s rights are more profitable for replay to sell.

NO, once the ranking system is chg’d away from Bankroll, it should be hidden. There also should be no list based on bankroll, static or dyanmic … if a player wished to disclose thier bankroll , thats thier choice.