I won my first Multi-Table Tournament! Now I'm a multi millionaire!

I’m relatively new to Replay Poker (been playing a bunch since I joined in May). I bought 1 million chips a few weeks ago (a new buyer’s bargain), when I had earned myself 400,000 or 500,000.

Today’s the day that I hit 2 million (meaning I crossed the 1 million chip line in terms of chips I earned myself).

Then I bought in for the Indian Summer tournament with 100,000 chips. I took the lead fairly early on, and with a mix of daring, skill, and luck, I held onto it for most of the tournament.

My nemesis, who came in second, @1retdGI called me “Aces” for all the aces I was dealt. He came back from less than 1000 chips, and was slightly in the lead when it was head-to-head. He went all in, but I was carrying pocket aces, and that was that.

Here’s the payout:


  • 1 - Cleo999 (1,111,500 chips)
  • 2 - 1retdGI (617,500 chips)
  • 3 - KahlFldRaze (432,250 chips)
  • 4 - roddey-shiela (308,750 chips)

So the very same day that I surpassed 1 million of my own earned chips, I also surpassed 2 million of my own earned chips!!

I just wanted to celebrate!!!

Here’s a tiny little hand in the tournament where I DIDN’T have an ace, but I pretended that I did. Little bluffs like this can make the difference sometimes.


wtg Cleo :clubs:


Congrats !!!

Now Repeat after me “My name is Cleo and I am addicted to Replay Poker” :crazy_face:

Best of luck at the tables

The Goat :goat: :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations. After enough time you might find that becoming a millionaire is the easy part. Now you have to stay a millionaire. Exercise proper bankroll management or you’ll find yourself back in the refill line very quickly!



It reminds me of my first big prize tourney. I came in 2nd. But, it was a really enjoyable experience playing against the winner (the back and forth on the final table HU) that I reached out and befriended him and we’ve been friends on here for the last 9 years.

That’s a nice feature of playing on Replay to befriend players you’ve enjoyed playing against.

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Congratulations Cleo

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