I win the hand and someone else get the pot?

i win the hand and someone else get the pot?

Hi bacaratt1

What is the hand number? Than i can replay the hand and explain it. You can find your played ring game hands on your activity page (tab in the meny when you click on your nick name in the header)

Greetings Happiness.

bacaratt, it was probably the animation that was misleading. We have one outstanding bug related to this, but in all cases the chips are awarded correctly.

Thank you so much Happiness. you helped me learne how to get my info. I can never get the replay to work for me. but I still got info.

Actually we had a problem with the server yesterday which may have been the cause, we’ve since fixed the issue that led to the problem with the pot. Was it a tourney bacaratt or a ring game? We can refund you your buy-in or the pot you lost.