I went all in on a hand and it showed the player was sitting out some how he came back in and called me?

in a game to early to late I went all in on a hand it showed that one of the players was sitting out somehow he came back in on that hand and called me ?

When a player is sitting out, his hand will fold when there is a bet / raise. And when he has to call the blinds. When a player in the hand runs out of time and is too late for action and there is no bet

the player goes on sit out, as long as his hand is not folded by bet / raise he can come back in the hand.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.

I would not of placed the all in bet if i knew he could come back in

If user got connection problem , just pick up the phone, or something similar., have to give a chance to come back Very difficult to go around thet.