I wasnt paid for hand i won

game # 202748033 Omaha hi lo on april 1st approx. 11 am est
I had full house 3 queens 2 kings
I bet to Sabrina who won with 3 kings over my full
4,4141 chips lost

Please help

I am AstralWeeks e mail mayanartin77@mail.com

Thank you

Game #1685507, Skull & Bones 5 Hand #202748033

In Hi/Lo, you must use only 2 cards from your hand and 3 cards from the board:

The board flopped Q,Q,K,K,A
You had Q,7,8,4, which gave you 3 Queens
Sabrina66 had 3,9,5,K, which gave her 3 Kings and the winning hand.


@AstralWeeks Omaha… please read the rules of omaha before play!
BTW , never share your email in public…


Some pp hunt for emails and data. Your loss

sorry I have NI what u are on about…i am a peaceful person just enjoy peaceful poker playing…i did read rules but being new to Omaha was confusing…and I can share whatever I wish really…its my freedom to do…maybe u meant wel but how you expressed it was very harsh…im sorry I just wish peace and wish all best…including you! So have good day and enjoy RP as I do…ttfn :slight_smile:

Sorry if you feel harsh. Ok, share it if you want it, was a very good intention of mine to warning you. Sorry I did so. My bad.

Omaha could be confuse pp. Its more thinking game.

Main important thing to remember the 2 card in your hand, you HAVE to use them.

In a nother view of point, only 3 from the table.

I was not paid for hand I won either . What does one do. I lost over 9,300 chips when it was awarded to a player with A Full House 7’s full of 5’s when I was holding 8’s full of fives.

Is there a way to log a complaint with someone about this.

Need a hand numer. You can file a complaint on site, right upper page, question mark, click on it and fill up.