I was moved to a new table while i was still in a hand

has this happened to anyone else?.. i was MOVED to a NEW TABLE while i was …STILL IN THE HAND … and in fact had just bet big and would have been the big winner… I have never even heard of this happening… i tried to replay previous hand and all the players were there …EXCEPT ME. …EMPTY CHAIR… iT was a high low …freeroll… so i guess “no harm no foul”…still if it can happen in a FREEROLL it can happen in other games

that happened to me once in the last 5 months that i have been playing. Thought it was a error in the software and continued on seeing how it had no effect on on the tournament that i was playing, would have lost anyway’s.

LOL :grin:

Double LOL :joy:

I think I had this happen to me in our last Bust the Staff tournament too – is anyone else seeing this? Is there any common pattern or event that happens right before?

Sounds like there might be a bug, but we have an amazing technical team that can squash that for us if so. =)

This happen to me not too long ago. Was playing NL Hi/Lo Omaha was about to go all in with an excellent chance to winning high and low and bam I am move to another with over half my stack gone.

Send in an error report and got back that sometimes the software is rebalancing the tables too quickly.

Hope they get this fixed.

I, too, have been moved while actively in a hand… Just once to the best of my recollection, but, obviously ‘once’ is too often… However, “It’s a free site, so what are you gonna do??”… C’est la vie…

Meanwhile, yesterday, I was “moved” while being “moved” - that was a “First” - for me… Crazy…