I was criticised for this hand

I opened from wide from CO with Js 8c with a small raise to maybe steal.
Button folds, both blinds call
Flop comes Qc 10s 4d ,both blinds check, I C bet 5BBs , SB folds then BB raises to 10BBs, I call with the gutshot
Turn is 9c I make the straight- BB raises to 120,000 I call
River is 3d we both check
Villian has QAd and complains bitterly about my play… I don`t want to just fold to every raise and end up getting pushed around, I intended to fold if I missed the draw if faced with significant aggression. Hand #855622374 · Replay Poker

Honestly, the only people that ever complain about other peoples play are nothing but whiny losers that think they are much better poker players than they actually are. They seem to think there is some absolute way people are “supposed” to play, which is a silly notion in itself, and they only bring it up when they lose.

Their tears amuse me, as they should you. Make 'em cry.

Don’t let it worry you one bit - say “thanks for the chips” and move on without giving it a second thought.


U are fish,

  1. J8o is a 100% fold from CO
  2. 100% pot is not normal sizing for mway pots, 15-30% is fine.
    and w/o BDFD and due to reverse implied odds in mway pot clear fold even vs minraise.
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Checking back the 2nd nuts there is a bit nitty imo. After his flop minraise he has sets and 2pairs that you can get value from with a river bet. He also has KJ some of the time but it wouldn’t make sense for him to check the river with it. If his plan was to raise with a draw and trap when it completes makes little sense.

I’ve played with gasdoc a few times lately he runs his mouth a lot. I wouldn’t give too much weight to his opinion on poker.


What ?

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I was talking to unskilld not to u. But u’re also megafish.

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If you’re such a pro why are you hanging around a free poker site calling people fish?

Your time could be better spent crushing real money games


So too loose with the open and too nitty with the River check ? Back to the drawing board for me then !
Given his earlier big raise I wouldnt have been surprised to have seen villain turn over KJ. TBH I wouldnt always open with J8 off but thought it might have been worth a punt with 2 folds before me

We get it, we get it. You’re the roughest toughest hombre and the bestest poker player in the whole wide world on a free site with play money chips where there really is nothing at stake. (I bet you’re a killer rock paper scissors player too! Stakes are about the same.)

Feel free to use that on your headstone one day:

“Here lies the roughest toughest guy and the bestest poker player in the whole wide world on a free site with play money chips where there really was nothing at stake.”

(had to change the tense a bit because, well, y’know - headstone and all that. Rest assured people will walk by and lose interest in you just as quickly as I am here - I just like to hear myself type!)

Oh - and on the topic at hand. Yeah, I can see the “nittyness,” but that’s not really egregious, I don’t think. Some people make being a nit work quite well!

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The more my opponents hate the way I’m playing, the better I like it.


Well, now you hurt my feelings.

This is my SAFE SPACE, m’kay?

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A good poker player never insults a fish. He makes them feel happy and comfortable. When they lose you tell them they’re playing well and it was just bad luck. Encourage them to play for as long as possible within their means. A professional understands a fish is your customer and you would never chase them out of your store.


Hey, do you know PokerKing? You guys would just LOVE each other!

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And Starbuck12. Whatever happened to him? I’m at a loss without all the knowledge he used to impart on us.


The best of the best :joy::joy:

Nor would one want to make comments pointing out their errors. Why help them correct their mistakes?


And he’d freely tell you so. Quite often, in fact.

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Nikkiw … so u were ~ 32% pf and ~19% after flop
There was no 3 bet from AQs pf
U bet flop w/ draw as you should to represent high cards (Q and 10) …realize fold equity and realize ure own hand’s equity against opponents’ range

AQs’s 3 bet after ure flop bet is not large enough to discourage draw (24 more to win a pot of 120 or ~20%)
The 20% to call is slightly more than ure 19% equity … but u r so deep u have some good implied odds

So I think the pf play is fine and flop call is ok

However … agree w/ unskilld … all ure chips should have been in on that river after AQ checks … as AQ is not likely checking w/ KJ nutz considering he pot bet the turn and u smooth call … and u have second nutz … KJ is only one set of combos of many combos he could have … plus u have a KJ blocker w/ ure J … gotta realize those implied odds for hitting that 9 turn

It’s hard to play OOP so generally it is better to 3bet pf w/ AQs and make a larger 3bet on flop to make it more unprofitable for opponent to call.

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Thanks for that anaylis. My thinking was indeed that Villians min raise was not enough to make me fold. Something around double that and I may have , I`m not one to chase a draw to the river at any cost ! By the time he raised a scary enough amount , I had made the draw ! Noted for future ref that my River check was poor play but in my defence the old checking trap is very common at those stakes