I want to be able to create a "cash game" myself

I´d like to be able to create a 200BB heads up “cash game” so I can practice that. I´m sure many others would love to be able to create a game that fits them to.

As no cash on the site, you mean some game/table/tour should only cash buy in for the chipsin that particular game? May more serious players join

No I mean ring game obviously. They are the equivalent of cash games.

There are 12 different Hold’em heads-up ring game tables, from low to elite level, i’m sure you find a table what suits you.

Your table called on medium level:
“The Final Edge”
have 200BB and heads up

There are a lot of tables obviously. So what? I still want to be able to create games myself. That was my suggestion. Im sure a lot of people would like that


Would still be awesome to be able to create our own games though, which was my suggestion with this post.