I want my play chips back , problem join tour

three times I have joined tournements and could not get in after paying from two to ten thousand, lost my money and never saw a table

Why you cant join? Send reason explanation and tours name/time to support team by email at: support@replaypoker.com

What went wrong ? you join, tour started, and you see yourself at the room but cant play , or simple cant open your room? Or you just have difficulty to find your room?

I paid to play in the tournaments, when it says join your table I click on that, it goes through the connection thing and just stops there with connecting blinking on and off an d goes no further, I can hear the game but cannot see anything, and I lose all my money. I don’t remember tournaments name and time but I believe it was a total of $17,000 play chips lost.

Need tour name and time, you can look up if it was yesterday. http://www.replaypoker.com/lobby/tournaments

Hi Airedale - please send an email to support@replaypoker.com with the details of the tournaments and we’ll investigate and refund your chips.

airedale? what is your nick name?..i cant find you …

Paul, I just joined the 4500 chips tourney that started at 7:00 pm. It took almost 15 mins. to load the game and then I was disconnected twice while playing. I played a total of 14 mins out of a 40 min game. I’m not concerned so much about the loss of chips but whats going on?