I Tip My Hat

To all my lovely players and staff at Replay - My time has come to tip my hat and say thank you all…

I am shedding a tear as I met my best mate @Goatsoup we speak a lot and that will never change… I met some many lovely people @bahia7 Mr M @Kondrad @SunPowerGuru @RavenL so so genuine people and care so much its clear they are nice people

But my @Goatsoup we are for life and you cant get rid of me - like my dad said be careful as I am coming to get you

I am ready to move away from my computer and live the life that I am so going to freak even myself - If I can hook with Darth Vader 4 years ago then I think there is a lot more in Tiggs xxxx

Please all be kind to each other and no matter when you have the hump don’t rant it smile and take it with a pinch of salt as we are all good people

Thanks replay for a great ride, you got me through some tough times and you gave me the goat and he is never up for sale not matter how many chips

If you ever get @Goatsoup they are for life not just for Christmas

my final thing is there IS NO BINGO its no limit

This is a great site and so are the people and staff

So I Tip My hat and I wear that Hat :slight_smile:

Tiggs xx
Lynn xx


@Tiggyxxx . I don’t understand, where are you going ? Are you leaving us for good ? Will you be back ?


Was always a pleasure to play with you Tiggy , take care.


You are a gentlewoman and a scholar and I for one will miss you dearly! Visit again someday? Hoping!


Sounds like she’s quitting poker. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that …

not Quitting for good :slight_smile: I have a lot to focus on and will play an odd game but not the amount of games I uses to play

I wont post much either or follow the forum so wanted to say a big thanks to all

i get to see my dad next weekend and now I can travel again have a lot to do and have to work - Work is such a chore but back to the office now so no working from home and having a screen just for poker xxx

take care to all xx


Glad to know you are not leaving for good. Have a great visit with your Dad. See you on the tables when you play. Kindred Spirit friends, we will always be.


Great to hear ! Enjoy and see you when you are able to hop on that computer. Stay safe out there !