I think you owe me at least 50,000 chips for your ploblem

I lost over 50,000 chips playing turnys because your site disconnects when I’m making a bet and end’s up losing it all because by the time it reconnects it is already the next hand

Maybe your flashplayer is the problem. You need to install or update Adobe Flash Player, you can find it here.

Click on the tab help. There on FAQ There you see the link Shockwave Flash, you can use that.

Let me know if it works please. Greetings and have fun. Happiness.

If Server crash

“In the event of a server crash, the money in the pot will be repaid to the players, all bets made by players are repaid. For example, if a player has bet a total of 15 in the pot the player will receive 15 back even if the pot is 140.”

As you see if server crash, the bets will be refunded auto, by the rule above. Looks to me Happiness right about the flashplayer, I believe thets your problem. http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If the problem still in place or you think the problem coused by something else, please send hand number to me

http://www.replaypoker.com/profile/marcipan/guestbook or directly to support


Hi lbjeep97, if you’re having connectively issues, then it’s worth following the instructions above. How many times do you get disconnected? Are you on wifi or cable? Are you playing from a phone or a pc… there are lots of reasons why you might be having problems. We can’t refund based on connectivity issues alone, if there’s a server crash and you lose your buy-in or you were about to win a tournament then we can make a refund, but then we need to know exactly when it happened, the hand # etc. Hopefully you can resolve your connectivity problems. Do they happen at a particular time every day, can you see any pattern? The more info the easier it is for us to investigate whether it’s an issue with your connection or some problem on the site.