I share ips at a college now they close my accout

What is going on, now that I voiced my thoughts I am no longer allowed to play. What if there was 300 people at a college that were all playing you would cancel all but one this is bull. so you take all my chips and run nice job I will report you to the bbb and see what happens then it is free poker people get a grip,


In the event that ReplayPoker deems that a player has engaged or attempted to engage in cheating or unfair play, or that player will be subject to penalties. These may include warnings, restrictions on play, seizure of funds, muting players in chat, suspension and the closing of accounts.

This player was caught cheating ,had 2 accts same tour.Has had warnings.All has been noted and reported in ReplayPoker Moderation.His claim of shared ip is not true,he was in control of accts and was cheating.We strive to ensure fair play for all players on Replay. Thankyou and best regards,Senior Moderator Spgodog.