I see many people sitting with less than 5k chips

i don’t understand how a person who has internet and a decent computer cannot bankroll himself 500000 chips

Is there some sort stigma related to buying chips? your first time 60000 chips are less than a dollar.

What do you guys think I bankrolled myself 1 million chips is there a stigma around keeping the website working by buying chips

I play 40+ hours month on power, for 49.99 which is a million chips I can spend double that in one night. So stop being cheapskates and give them some money to be this amazing site going.


60k??? when I joined I didn’t get that! lo

Some people are weird,they think once you buy you stop winning lol It’s not like they are winning now…just saying.I totally agree you need to support the site you play at and I tell people at my tables all the time. Many boast that they have never bought a chip and I say well at least thank those that do or your sorry butt wouldn’t be sitting here :wink:


I want to start this by saying I don’t know how many players realize that if they don’t want to buy chips, there is a Tip Jar on the Bank page. I know a lot of player’s (myself included) want the challenge of building their bankroll and rank through games and leaderboards. However, I don’t know how many people are aware that they have put a Tip Jar on the Bank page. So, I was very happy to be able to give Replay some money via the Tip Jar. I agree that’s an important to support the site. And, since I want to build my bankroll through playing, I am very happy to support the site via the Tip Jar from time to time.


yes first-time players get 60000 for 0.99 dollars, i can’t find the link but it was there when I first join.

I see for 9.99 you can get 70000 chips. Without people buying chips this site would not exist but for some reason their stigma about buying. I pay my 20 dollars every month for a subscription.

I just wonder though because I spend most of the free time playing poker, why people with nice pc’s a good internet connection can’t find any 20 dollars to buy chips, i am not ashamed that i bought chips and continue to buy them even i have built my bank up 6m

Hi @killadoob

Just to clarify:
First time BUYERS get 60k chips for $0.99.
First time players get 10K free chips when they sign up.
If you’ve already used the offer for first time buyers I don’t think you will be able to find the link anymore, because it’s a 1 time offer.

Nobody is saying it’s shameful to buy chips. But I also don’t think you should say that it’s shameful not to buy any. It’s good to encourage the business by paying for chips, but that doesn’t mean that if you don’t buy them you’re not appreciative or encouraging.

Plus there are many other ways that players, reps, volunteers and staff members contribute towards the running of the website. I don’t think any of these ways should be underestimated. They are all equally valuable, and I’m sure we all appreciate and encourage this great website equally, whether we are buying chips or inviting friends to join, or helping each other out or volunteering or even just playing every day.

All the best :slight_smile:


This offer is not for when you join, but when you buy for the first time.

Maya, i am not shaming people who don’t buy chips I just wonder why they don’t. If you have a computer internet connection and you play ever tournament you like, you don’t have to stick to BrB or the for 1000. I am not putting down people who don’t buy chips but always remember your money goes to keeping this site amazing. I never intended for my comment to be anything more than trying to understand why people won’t buy chips but if it came across as saying you should buy chips apologies but i am not trying to shame people who who dont buy chips.

It get annoyed when people at tables tell other people they bought all their chips, so i thought i would make a post see how much of a stigma it reallt is

I like to think I am helping by winning those chips that others have bought…


How else would they buy again? Of course you’re helping! :nerd_face:


hahaha :joy:

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Thank you…IMO there is a lack of appreciation around here and it is nice to be recognized…

I’d have to agree…I buy up to $40 per month and feel it’s a better value than any of my other subscriptions!


LOL!! good answer ol man.

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I’ve been in since the end of last September and have never bought chips. Buying chips just seems weird to me since we all get between 500 & 2,500 chips every time we sign on. Sure there are days I’ve lost that stake (lost 40k two weeks ago playing after too much wine) but most times I’m a little or a lot ahead (won a single 36k pot a month ago). I’m at 350k now.

I promptly lost the 10k sign in bonus (hey, I was learning). After that, assuming I signed in 20± days each month, I’ve collected maybe 50k a month but I’ve since averaged 70k a month in winnings.

If you want to buy chips and give them to me, I’m totally ok with that. But it’s not like they’re actually worth anything except bragging rights and if you’re buying them there’s not much to brag about is there?

For me, slowly and patiently accumulating my bankroll is about careful perseverance. It’s what I take pride in.

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There are 2 ways of looking at it. Some people (myself included) want the challenge of building their bankroll up. However, I obviously still support the players who buy chips. The site would not be here if people didn’t. I know that buying chips does allow players to be able to play medium and higher stakes games without the required bankroll (and compete on these leaderboards) and this is where the better players are. Again, I spend a lot of time playing here, and I don’t mind taking my time to slowly build my bankroll to be able to move up in stakes. But, there is nothing wrong with buying chips and playing at those levels. (And, if you are not aware, those players that don’t buy chips can, if they choose to, donate to the tip jar on the bank page to support the site)


I think most players on this site will agree that Replay is, without question, the best free-play site on the Internet!
In the distant past, and even recently, I have bought chips to maintain position. Now, with better skills, I have improved my standing and have no immediate need to buy more chips.
It is not my ambition to be at the top. I am content to stay at a level where I feel comfortable. I am sure that is the view of most players.
To pay Replay for chips is not a problem. Any assessment of what I might otherwise pay for regular, pleasurable entertainment cannot but exceed what i pay to play on - Replay.
I also have the bonus of meeting some of the most interesting people.

The Anhaga


Maybe I’m missing something? Correct me please if I am. Here are two thoughts-

  1. Chips in RPP aren’t currency. You can’t use them to buy groceries with. They are points, sort of like points awarded in a basketball game. The one difference being that unlike basketball you can take points away from me and I from you but, still, they are only points. Imagine if during the superbowl Peyton Manning had walked up to a ref and said, “I’d like to buy a touchdown, here’s $500k.”

  2. How is playing a hand of poker in the Duck Pond any different than a hand in the City of Dreams? The rules are the same, the odds are the same, only the points are inflated. But losing 200 chips or 20,000,000 chips is equally relative to the stake you put down at the beginning of the game. Sure there are lots more zeroes but the zeroes are meaningless in real terms, they are an abstraction- unless you earned them. If you jumped the queue and paid hard currency for them? Ouch.

I love county29’s response. If by taking your chips you support replay poker by buying more chips, I’m doing my part.


I started with the daily bonus chips, with play I won over 300,000 chips with good play. you don’t need 500,000 chips to play good.

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I realized that what I said about better players being at medium and higher stakes might be taken out of context. From my experience, bingo players are much more rare at these stakes. So, a player might want to buy chips to be able to play at these levels where more serious competition takes place by a majority of the players. Obviously,if a player has a lower amount of chips it does not mean that they are not as good of a player. I myself have never bought chips and have built my bankroll up to be able to play at the medium stakes level, but that does take time. So I understand if someone wants to buy chips.