I really wish there was chat functionality for mobile

Ive become addicted to playing astral league and i continuously see the same people. I’d love to talk to some of them and I feel pretty bummed about missing out on any chat messages directed towards me, and any ggs or nice hands I haven’t seen or been able to return. Just a suggestion!


Yes! I also play on my mobile and would like to see and comment on the chat function.

a blig +1. i play on my laptop and chat a bunch, but if i see friends, i know they say “hi” “hey” "gl "nh “vnh” a bunch. but i cant

and it make me seem rude

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Agree :100: %

It would slow down the game a lot. People type much slower on their phones.

It’s coming after the current problem is corrected. It’s already been addressed by Fizzymint in a thread.