I played on Replay in the future, wrong time on last hands

Today I saw a very nice thing on Replay. I played in the future, says Dashboard:

The Activity-page show the same:

Behind this:
I boot sometime Linux. Linux uses world-time. If I boot then Windows, then my computer-time is one hour behind right time. And then this happens.
I’m sure Replay uses at one place Country-time, and on other place Computer-time. Because this come then this difference. I changed my time not between playing and screenshot, Dashboard showed this seconds after playing.
I need no help from team because this. I must look my Windows must synchronize the time at every start, then is all ok. But it looks like something is not perfect made on Replay.
Maybe this helps, if someone has the same problem.


Hi @Poki65!

Thanks for bringing this up. I reviewed players’ reports and no one else reached out to us for the same issue. If you encounter it again, please let us know. I also sent you a message via email.


If someone want to see / check this, he must change his system time one hour back, play 3 hands, load Dashboard new and look to it.