I need statistics from the website

For a project which involves deciding whether pocket cards really help or not. I need statistics from at least a 1000 hands and how the person with pockets performed compared to others and also the tantative rankings of players involved in the hand.

That is a very interesting question.


This will tell you the statistical results of any hand (or hands) against any other hand on any board or preflop.

The probability calculation for how cards perform against one another is actually pretty simple arithmetic. As for your research question: yes pocket cards are extremely important. For example, heads-up (i.e., against one opponent) any pocket pair is favored against any non-paired hole cards (with the one exception I’ve found being 22 (49.6%) against AKs(49.77%) if the AK is not the same suit as one of the 2s).

It sounds like you may be interested in looking at the actual outcomes from the site. Maybe the staff would be willing to provide it, though I would guess not. I do not think the results from this site are representative of poker when it is played for money, and I also do not think player ranking is particularly meaningful because it fluctuates constantly and is only a measure of how many chips a player has and not their actual skill.

ProPratyush, I’ll send you a message now via the site. We’d be happy to help out if we can. You can explain exactly what you need, obviously any data would be completely anonymized before we send; but we’re keen to make poker more transparent in general, so perhaps in future you won’t even need to ask, you’ll be able to access this information yourself from the site! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot guys!

Great question with great answers from Joe and Paul. Would love to see better stats myself