I need some friends

Hi everyone! I like to play these tables:The Space Needle, Siem Reap Angkor (Rings); SnG Regulars (5 - 500k); Asian Showdown 7.5k, Big Bang 1M, Black Hole 1M, Play The High Blinds 3k, End of The Road 250k, Supernova 1M mtts, - but for some of that we dont have enough players. So add me (r8staroflucis) if you like these tables too ;^

Hi, r8star.

You can invite others by clicking their profile up and then clicking “send friend request.”

You can check your own profile by clicking your profile picture, scrolling down to Friends and clicking it. Then, at the upper left of the “Friends” screen click “requests” to see if anyone has invited you. If they have, check their profile and decide whether you want them as friends or not. You may not get any other message that you’ve been invited, so you need to check it yourself. I know you’ll have at least one request.


midtown manhattan (ring) and satellite to 250k mtt has been added to my playlist :^

against all odds mtt 250k added

SnG 3 Max Turbo 10k and 25k added

The Clash (Ring) and SnG 3 Max Turbo 500/1k added