I need help on how to increase my stack

have 118,000 chips this is after winning 2nd in American dream. However, I feel really afraid to go into those big tournament with anything over a 5K buyin. Am I playing it too safe? My stack hasn’t increased over the last few days

1st off, stay away from the “unlimited rebuy” MTTs…
2nd … keep getting the daily bonus, even if you log in once a day for 10 seconds… get that bonus every day…
3rd … play the 5k and under MTTs, both freerolls, and prolly the sattalite to 15k ticket, for 2k entry.

So basically in those unlim rebuy MTTs… its a bingofest… so stay away till you got more bank… use your tickets in the Red 15k MTTs because more ppl play closer to real poker there than a reg 15k MTT… Slow and steady moves you along… Once ya prolly get to 500m then you can expand what you play, if along the way you can get bonuses from the monthly leaderboard or a promotion… awesome.

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I’d say:

  1. Work on odds (implied, pot, etc.), basic strategy - especially late in tourneys to first make the bubble cut, make final table, heads up, win…this is the basic path to more “cash wins”.

  2. The game itself is fairly basic math wise and as a matter fact strategy wise. Now some basic knowledge of human nature comes in (to a lesser degree online).

  3. Managing the luck (good and bad) however: can take a lifetime to figure out.

  4. HAVE FUN>>>>>>>>

  5. Just an fyi on my Replay goal(s) - I use it to practice the math for real table play mostly.

Good luck to you.

Thank you and nice to meet you in the “unlimited rebuy tournament”

Aim for promotions if you have the time, sngs are good for shorter sessions. Medium to (small) high stakes ring games are good. . .sometimes. GL

Best tip I can offer is look up “favourite poker books” thread on here. Spend a few dollars on any of the mentioned books and study it for 1/2 hour every day before you play. Follow their advice and your bankroll will take care of itself. SunTze “Art of War” as applied to poker is even available on line.

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A healthy respect for your Replay Chips is a good start. Too many players think one tournament win proves they have insight everyone else lacks and play far too high for their balance. Keep to games where you can afford to have a bit of a downswing and take in as many Freerolls as you can. You may not win100,000 First Prize, but those min-cashes will keep the balance ticking over. Don’t feel the need to win every single day. Poker tournaments are lumpy. Depending on how many you play, the majority of days will be small (hopefully manageable) losses punctuated by occasional wins. Best of Luck.

Personally I find that my stack increases the more that I win tournaments and sit and gos YMMV

it sounds like you use good bankroll management, about 1/20 of your roll is often good bankroll management.
here a few facts that may help you to understand it better:

  • you need to use a smaller part of your bankroll for MTT’s and SnG’s then you need for ring games, this is because ring games have much less variance then tournaments.
  • if you would play professional, a rough example of bankroll management would be 1/30 for ring games, 1/50 for sngs, 1/100 for tournaments if you are playing very safe, and 1/20, 1/30, 1/50 if you are more comfortable with it.
  • for playing on here i would recommend to play a bit looser (but defenitely not too loose) with your bankroll, since you won’t have to live from this money and the average of the opponents are a lot weaker then it is on real money sites you can cut the ranges i mentioned above in half. the way you do it now may be 1/23 for mtt’s but that’s more then ok with your bankroll size and when you move up in stakes you only need it to tighten it a little bit since you already play it well.

as for idea’s to grind more chips, here are a few:

  • play much more ring games: this is because the variance is a lot lower then it is on tournaments, which allow you to loosen up your bankroll management and at the same time you will see much more often that your roll will increase because in MTTs you will often lose and if you win you will win an huge amount, in rings it will happen in a more straight line. i get it if you like tournaments more (so do i) but when i started to also play rings it gave me an extremely large bankroll, i’m on 65000000 chips right now because of that, and once i even had 140000000 chips (the reducing from 140M to 65M was purely my own mistake however and have nothing to do with playing rings it is just me who had to play better. but i’ll earn it back, i just have to stick with the tips i gave you :smile:)
  • watch your bankroll and move up in stakes when you can, since this obviously gives more profit. but at the same time don’t forget to move down when it goes too low.
  • probably the most obvious one is to keep learning strategies when you can, you can watch youtube video’s, read stuff on google, and play it yourself to do it.

hope this helps.


Good advice, and good job on building that bankroll. I also jumped to elite stakes when I got to 71,000,000 and ended up down at 29,000,000. I finally got back to where I was after a few months. The chip inflation is so large that you need a bankroll of 100m+ to play on a level playing field with the players who have 1 billion.