I need a Player Rep

ok so, you’d think sitting at a ring table would be the easiest, fastest, way to jump into a game right away… well think again… My bankroll says I should be playing 100/200 or there abouts, but Im a player that prefers 9 ppl tables and fast timers… shouldn’t be a problem you say, its 6pm on a saturday… primetime… should be tons of tables… Nope

you got a crapload of Slow-9ppl at 25/50, Fast-9ppl at 50/100, no 100/200 or 200/400, then a crapload of Slow-9ppl at 50/1000, nothing at 1k/2 … so you open up “high” and the only one running is Fast-9ppl 20k/40k and none else in the high bracket…

So I ask you, the “player reps” that go around talking/helping ppl… Since its like pulling teeth to get new tables going because most ppl don’t want to play on tables untill they are atleast 1/2 full…
Why do so many Ring players only play slow timers, why no variety atleast… and why the crap are there (10) 50/100 tables , (10) 500/1k tables , but nothing inbetween @ 100/200 or 200/400… there has to be ppl on those 2 level tables that should be playing the inbetween levels…


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Greetings, Sassy! So here’s what a Player Rep can and will do for you. He/She can and will carry this question to staff, and staff moves it onto an agenda that the tech team and the boss review. I know there’s a punch list of tasks that have been prioritized. I’d like to put this one forward for the agenda, if I may. (Hopefully this doesn’t sound like a cricket!) JanCee


P.S. I love reading the forum comments from you and others. Amazing minds on this forum!

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Hello Not-the-One: Cricket sounds are merely background music to keep you entertained until a Player Rep arrives. Hope it worked. lol JanCee


No I was more looking for your impressions of the ppl you talk to, if I wanted to make a suggestion to staff I would have gone that route… why they do this, why they don’t do that… not like I’m asking for strategy here…lol

Morning Sarah.

Your thread topic caught my attention quick :slight_smile:

So I can lend a hand here and answer your question, when you say ( people that we talk to ) are you referring to players or people that are above my pay grade here that I talk to about various games ?

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yeah as I said other players, as I said not staff …

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Then , no , nothing like you posted in those game formats and times are questions asked by players to me.

Other questions and suggestions, yes.

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mhmm, just logg’d on, and same/worse problem currently…mhmmmm

Hi Sarah, Many times I have begun a table that I want most. The average time to get a second player is about 10 minutes. The table fills up most of the time. Always have a Soduku handy while I wait :O) Dan

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