I miss my dad

I sit here at the keyboard, and wish my dad was around.

He was Career Army, 30 yrs… he was a drunk, never around, but he told me a couple stories and did teach me a few things. I saw what military life looks like, and what people sacrifice for our freedoms.

Shoutout to EVERY person who is or has ever served, you have my gratatute and my respect. ( unless you throw it away )

I remember a story my dad told me, a platoon out with a few locals and end up in a firefight. 2 ppl are killed, 1 soldier & 1 local … the platoon sgt, says leave the local but recovers the soldier and they return. A private, tells the captain this 2 days later and the sgt is reprimanded and discharged. The private gets a reprimand. I ask my dad why did the private get hosed… He pointed out that the private should’ve back’d up his direct superior officer, but still did the right thing. We don’t leave ppl behind, and they never should’ve left that local behind… even tho he wasn’t in the military he was working with us, therefore was part of us. The sgt on the other hand, reported the act falsely and took the wrong course of action, and was thus dealt with accordingly.

Words ppl use, or misuse thru thier actions… like honesty, integrity, morality, even honor & valor … These aren’t just words that ppl should use willy-nilly.

I miss my dad, even tho he wasn’t much of a dad, he was all I had… Why did I remember this story, why do I also flash to that movie with Tom Cruise & Jack Nicholson… My dad was alot of things, but he was right… there are some lines you never cross.


Yup… I miss my dad too. He died when he was 55 almost 56, and I was barely 28.

He’s the one who taught me to play poker, so in some ways playing poker brings me close to him, In special hands or at special times I can almost hear him talking to me…

God bless our dads.


My dad passed away at the age of 48. I hate it that he was taken at such an early age. I could complain that he was taken to early, but then I should just be thankful for having him for 27 years. Many don’t have that.
God bless all the dads. and the moms too.


I miss my dad too - he was just 60 and I was 22. but the one I miss the most is my brother who died last Dec 1st. Hw taught me poker the summer our mother died and I was totally lost. I used to all him a cpl times a week for advice about this or that an we sometimes made it to the same table for Holdem. He was a retired Quarter Master Chief (go Navy) and a good friend. I miss him dreadfully


My Dad died 2 years ago this past October at the age of 82 and is buried in the Veterans Cemetery in Exeter Rhode Island. He was a retired Teamsters Union Boss that relocated to Florida 21 years ago and a decorated Veteran of the Korean War ( Navy ).

We always used to kid each other about me being in the Marine Corps.

I didn’t see him much over the last 21 years being busy and growing up he was always working to provide for me, my 3 sisters and my stay at home Mom but he was ALWAYS there when I needed him.

He taught me many things in life that got me to where I am today.

I always say, anyone can be a father but it takes a special kind of man to be a “ Dad “

I have to go now because my eyes are leaking.:cry:

Miss you and love you always DAD xo



I wish I knew my father, I was abandon at age 3 (long story) and raised in the welfare system of the 40’s and 50’s. I lost my first-born daughter when she was just 14, drunk driver ran her over. My son was 3 when she died. I have the fortune of raising him and watching him grow to be a great father and successful man. Once I raised him and he was out of the nest, my life changed. I walked away from everything and have lived alone ever since. The war in Vietnam, my childhood and the loss of my daughter were all to much for me. My one joy is knowing the sound foundation I gave my Son. He reminds me of that everytime we talk. I did not have the Dad but I was allowed the privilige of being one, inspite of my failings. Fathers are the key to building foundations for their children. Keep him in your heart and pass him on to your loved ones.


My Dad passed on Valentines Day 2016. He served in the Army Air Force in WW II, and was a genuinely good man. I am just now starting to not cry when I think of him. I miss him so much, and my Mom is extremely lonely now. Married for over 53 yrs, He was her everything.