I make my play in time and it still says i ran out of time this is happening at least once a day whats going on again

i thought you all had this fixed a couple months back this is upsetting to say

reply to what havent had answer yet

This community powered support, aka users. You have to wait may 1-2 day. Faster from the site , questionmark in the header!

Hi jeba1,

Sorry to hear you continue to have problems with this. Sometimes this can be due to a slow connection and your action at the table not making it to our servers in time to register before the clock runs out. We have an article here (http://help.replaypoker.com/knowledge_base/topics/why-do-i-keep-getting-disconnected-from-games) with a few things you can check on your side to see if that helps at all.

If it happens again though, please take note of the hand # and send an email to support@replaypoker.com along with the details suggested at the bottom of that article and we’ll take a closer look.

Cheers, Lesley