I keep loseing winning hand my money goes 2 loser example hand # 69078496 on the killerbee table nl omaha sept. 10, 1:00pm

expample hand # 69078496 on table killer bee 10/20 nl omaha september 10th 2013 1:00pm.

rp special

lol cuz 23 will win everytime

http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/69078496 You are not even in thet room.

I did check some of your play, not much, cant go too far back. I see you all in or overbet preflop, or after flop. Omaha is just not thet game in my oponion. (mine) At your play in omaha last hand, I did not find any avidance of cheat or collusion.

All the Best