I just want a True Random Generator

I don’t see how you can learn to play poker if the random generator is rigged. How do I know it is rigged. Well let me tell you. The system will let me play all day and win as long as I am below a certain number of chips. Once I hit a certain number the system switches and I am not allowed to win anything. Now I can’t be the only person this is happening to. Maybe it is because all my chips are free. I don’t know. So exactly how does the system accomplish this? In 50 hands it will deal me constantly J4, Q2, T3…just keeps coming. If I fold it…you know what the system does…it flops a T and a 3. It happens again and again. Like it is enticing me to play. Teaching me to play poker all wrong. So suddenly I get tired of it all and I bite. I play that T3 and I get nothing. So this goes on and on and on. Finally it throws me a hand. It throws me an AK. I know to play this hard and I do. I get an A on the flop. But just enough else on the flop to keep players in and calling my aggressive bets. End result they get a straight or flush. And I see it and I know what they got. I know it on the River. But Im no pissed and bored with the dumb system I go ahead with it. I lose. I mean I can’t be the only one this is happening to. Surely this happens to others. So now what I do is I just lose a lot about half what I go and then I can play again. What I am looking for is a poker site where the Random Generator is True. Does anyone know of one? Thank You.

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Can you please do an analysis of 10,000 hands and prove what you allege. 50 hands have no statistical significance amongst the 1326 possible starting hands. Replay Poker have had their RNG tested and certified. There is a link to view this from the home page.



Thank you Craig and feelmysins for your accurate explanations. I feel it is now appropriate to close this topic.