I just waited 10 hours for a game!

10 hours and nobody shows up to play me…

I think this is the reason why all the top players are on here intermittently.

Play low-stakes cash game, with a 500 buy-in, not 500k, not 500 million, just 500, it’s super fun lol


Seriously cat! You are ranked #2 and talk about how good your are. And you are, no doubt. But in those 10 hours you are waiting to play SERIOUS poker why not come down to play a few games FOR FUN with the rest of us? I for one would LOVE to play with you some time, I’m sure I could learn from you but that will NEVER happen if you never come out of the ivory tower. The 2500 chip buy in SnG’s and MTT’s I play are NOTHING to your stack. Come have some fun with us mortals once in a while, we’d be thrilled to have you. I’m just saying.

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Just need a few more chips and I’ll come back and play you again :wink:

It is good strategy to play against players who are worse than you. That is where the money is.

Yeah Cat, would love to play with you too, you could learn from me if you’re lucky enough to see my cards.
Argh, I’ll just show some of them just for you.

Much love,


ok, I hear you all. So where do you guys want me to play?

I play in the omaha hi/lo Execution dock or Gold Road ring games close to your high caliber. We would love to have you. :slight_smile:

Maybe make friends and message them to arrange a time to play?

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10 hours waiting for a game of play-chip poker? That’s just wrong on so many levels.

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Try your skill at the freeroll tables

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t play lower stakes anyway (still high-stakes, but just not rivendell)… I mean, are you scared of these players? Instead of waiting, use your skills and grab some millions, it’s less than what you normally get on a good day, but your bankroll will still grow…


I play so much high stake anything less no longer gets my heart beating!

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You will beat me up! My Omaha skill is like a beginner!

Well there you go, a new mountain to climb!

Years ago, I was a top 20 player on another site, and I understand what you’re saying. The site changed the way they did things, and a lot of the top players abandoned ship. It got real hard to find a good game. When it got to the point that the only games I could find were at stakes where the max buyin was less than 1 BB at the stakes I wanted to play, I totally lost interest. It’s hard to play well or care at all under those circumstances.

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yup, new talent replaces the old. That’s just how it is I suppose!