I hate these little tables

first 200/400 tables went away then the 100/200 tables!

I presume you look for a low stake rooms. Yes, its made for test, but just make play stile “Bingo”

Not good for learn poker. But the rooms still there on medium.

(4) New York Central Park (4) San Fransisco Bridge (4) Mississippi River 3

By good play you will be soon a medium stake player. Then you can start in level 3 in the medium stake lobby.

There are the higher blinds.

Every level has bigger blinds. That is the challenge.

Good luck and have fun:)

i understand about the higher blinds but i like having the 100/200 table in low stakes. Why can’t they have both. I’m not comfortable with the high blinds all the time.

The mania (with high blinds) tables were created for fun.

The most exciting was the low buy-in with the high blinds. In Low Stake the buy-in was 2500 chips and the blinds 200 / 400. On other table the buy-in was 2500 and blinds 100 / 200.

You could quickly win a lot, but even quicker lose everything again. Exciting.

But it worked very demotivating also. When players had to borrow 2500 chips and were broken after 1 hand again, they were frustrated. The new players tried the Mania table, they lost all a few times and never returned. In the Medium Stake Lobby same happened. New players in Medium Stake were outplayed by the high blinds there.Very demotivating.

The good thing is the site is growing. Every day new players and more players on different tables. I does not exclude that in future we can create other fun tables. But in a way that you do not lose all you have very quickly. It should to stay fun:)

Maybe another option to try out.

Sit & Go Turbo Madness and Sit & Go High Blind Starter. 5000 chips buy-in and 10.000 chips buy-in. It starts when 6 players are sign in and the tours are turbo and it start with higer blinds. So it are quick tours.

You can find them on the Sit & Go page or some of them in the stake lobby’s. These two are in the medium stake lobby too, but you can join them if you have the chips on your bank (you dont have to be a medium stake player to join them)

At the moment you have to ask other players to join them. Players still have to find their way to the Sit & Go page.

When you liked the mania tables you like these Sit & Go Tournaments too i think.