I had a good week


Crossed the 5M chip threshold in style, making almost 1M chips on the week. I was just celebrating the 4M chip milestone last week. This one flew by. Im no longer wondering how players holding tens of millions of chips managed to do it, because now it seems like it just takes time. I might not be able to do this every week, but I also might find in another few months that I’ve been accelerating. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I feel like I still need to improve my game against the better players I face, and once I do, my win rate should improve considerably.

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Very impressive puggy :wink:

Thanks. I’ll try to keep it in perspective. Some people here bet 1M chips on a single hand!

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Continuing my current good run, I just took 1st place in the “No More Sorrow” MTT.


I’m not exactly sure how Replay Bank is calculating the numbers, but that -3450 chips last month must be literally for the calendar month of February, because I’ve been on a steady rise all March. And that “last week” number can’t be right, either. I made close to 1M last week.

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